Avast Photo Research shows 22% of all photos stored worldwide are bad (Part 2)

Research from nearly 3 billion photos shows how many of our pictures are low-quality or duplicates, and which countries have the highest number of these “bad” photos.

2 Oct 2019 min read

Snap Happy: Avast reveals which countries store the most photos

Research from nearly 3 billion photos shows how many pictures we store on average, which country stores the most, and the number of photos stored by age group.

2 Oct 2019 min read

Avast Cleanup Premium: Time to say goodbye to XP

Avast Cleanup Premium will no longer be updated on Windows XP. Here’s what it means for you.

11 Apr 2019 min read

8 tips to a cleaner PC

Honor the system you use every day by treating it to the file cleanup it so desperately needs.

11 Feb 2019 min read

Auto-update with new Avast Cleanup Premium

Our new Software Updater automatically keeps over 50 of the world’s most popular apps up-to-date on your PC.

31 Jan 2019 min read

5 hardware facts you didn’t know — The Avast PC Report, part 2

Is your hardware older than average? Learn these 5 surprising truths.

29 Jan 2019 min read

Avast aces performance and protection tests

Your system’s default security is not always the best bet, as proven by the latest AV-Comparatives studies.

19 Dec 2018 min read

Avast Cleanup for PC declutters and improves performance

Software Cleanup feature clears your system of long-forgotten programs that slow you down.

23 Oct 2018 min read

Fresh from the test labs: How Avast Cleanup boosts your phone's speed, battery & storage

We just released the latest version of our Avast Cleanup for Android.

1 Jun 2018 min read

5 tips for ultimate online security and privacy

Protect your privacy and stay secure online with these 5 cybersecurity tips.

21 May 2018 min read

How to get rid of toolbars, adware, and trials with Avast Cleanup Premium

Your PC might be full of programs you didn’t even know about, such as trials, pre-installed toolbars and other hidden junk.

14 Apr 2018 min read

The essential guide to cleaning & speeding up your Mac

Macs don’t ever slow down, don’t ever crash, and sure as rain don’t ever run out of space. Right? Wrong.

20 Mar 2018 min read

Avast Android App Report reveals: These apps drain your monthly data and your Android’s storage

The annual Avast Android App Report tells you which apps are eating up your phone’s storage and your mobile data allocation in no time.

7 Mar 2018 min read
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