What did we learn from the Facebook outage?

For one, digital wellness is achievable with a balanced digital diet

15 Oct 2021 min read

Google pulls ads for stalkerware

Plus, the CIA invests in Wickr and Singapore rolls out some robots

15 Oct 2021 min read

Gen Z doesn't care about online privacy — but maybe they should

Here's how we can help guide and protect digital natives as they move into adulthood

14 Oct 2021 min read

How do you steal millions in crypto? Easy — use copy and paste

As it turns out, this simple trick can yield malware authors a lot of cryptocurrency

12 Oct 2021 min read

Facebook outage: How to prevent your own network failures

To prevent a colossal outage in your own network, get serious about DNS protection

8 Oct 2021 min read

Hacker leaks 125 GB of Twitch data

Plus, Telegram goes up when Facebook goes down, and James Bond fans get scammed, not stirred

8 Oct 2021 min read

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus has earned AV-TEST’s Top Product award

We’re proud to have ranked at the top on protection, performance, and usability for the second time this year

7 Oct 2021 min read

Is free Wi-Fi safe?

Read this before hooking into that free Wi-Fi all the other students are using

6 Oct 2021 min read

Social media surveillance by law enforcement is a violation of rights, advocates say

This method of surveillance is one of the latest law enforcement privacy violations of people of color in the U.S.

5 Oct 2021 min read

Former OnlyFans employees retain access to sensitive personal data

However, employee access to — and abuse of access to — sensitive data is not unique to OnlyFans

4 Oct 2021 min read

How to know a student loan scam when you see one

These are the red flags related to student loan fraud to be on the lookout for

1 Oct 2021 min read

Facebook spends $50 million on metaverse research

Plus, BloodyStealer hits play, while Instagram Kids hits pause

1 Oct 2021 min read

To have more women in senior leadership, we need to walk the talk

Although there are more women in tech than before, there are still not many women in senior leadership positions — here's how we can change that

30 Sep 2021 min read