(Ab)using Adobe Acrobat Sign to distribute malware

What if an attacker could manage to make a well-known company distribute an email on their behalf?

15 Mar 2023 min read

Stalkerware has grown by 239% worldwide over the past three years

Stalkerware is often installed secretly on mobile phones by abusive spouses, ex-partners, and other close contacts to spy on their targets.

14 Mar 2023 min read

Introducing Avast One Platinum

With this comprehensive package, people can enjoy greater protection from new and evolving threats as well as 24/7 premium technical support for IT issues around the home.

9 Mar 2023 min read

How to safely file your taxes online

Filing your taxes online can be a convenient and efficient way to get your taxes done, but it's important to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect yourself from cybercriminals.

28 Feb 2023 min read

How to avoid getting tricked by an IRS scam

By being aware of these scams and taking steps to protect yourself, you can safeguard your personal and financial information. 

24 Feb 2023 min read

Best practices for today’s IT service providers

Given that each SMB is unique, it's important that the MSP they choose can offer services tailored to their specific needs.

22 Feb 2023 min read

How to protect yourself against identity theft this tax season

Maintaining a watchful eye is crucial in the ongoing fight against identity theft.

20 Feb 2023 min read

How to avoid Taylor Swift ticket scams

When all you want is to see her live, ending up with a fake ticket will make you feel sadder than Tay Tay in “All Too Well.” So while heartbreak may be inevitable in life, it doesn’t have to come from falling for a ticket scams.

16 Feb 2023 min read

Spoiler: It's not the IRS calling

The IRS reports that scam calls have been on the rise in recent years, with thousands of people falling victim to them.

15 Feb 2023 min read

Is your online date Googling you?

Research related to online dating underscores the importance of conscious digital sharing.

14 Feb 2023 min read

Smishing: The elephant in the room

It's important to be vigilant and cautious when receiving text messages from unknown or unexpected sources.

10 Feb 2023 min read

This six digit number could protect you from tax-related identity theft

If you suspect you may be a victim of tax-related identity theft, it's important to act quickly and report it to the IRS as soon as possible.

10 Feb 2023 min read

Avast Threat Labs releases Q4 2022 Threat Report

Overall, the Threat Report found an increase in both human-centered and more technologically advanced scams across the board.

9 Feb 2023 min read