Pre-hijacking attacks on social media

Plus, gift registry accounts are hacked and digital driver’s licenses are forged.

27 May 2022 min read

How license plate scanners challenge our data privacy

There's a massive amount of data in private hands and without sufficient controls by the government.

25 May 2022 min read

Microsoft research reveals the changing face of skimming

From exploitation to obfuscation, attackers are flipping the script on what we know about web skimming campaigns.

25 May 2022 min read

How to defeat social engineering attacks

“Phishing is more of a thing now because many people have turned to a criminal life and because Covid is a very successful phishing lure. We are all stretched thin, and as a result, we can make more security mistakes.”

24 May 2022 min read

Can digital identity help with the world refugee crisis?

At Avast Digital Trust Services, our goal is to end anxiety for refugees and their loved ones. We see it as a critical component of protecting digital freedom for all.

24 May 2022 min read

How to become a white hat hacker: An interview with a cybersecurity hero

Making sure the future of security is simple and accessible to everyone is one of Baloo’s main missions as a cybersecurity hero.

23 May 2022 min read

The biggest financial scams of 2022

Learn how to protect yourself – and your cash – from the dirtiest tricks on the web.

23 May 2022 min read

SSI and FIDO2: Different approaches for a passwordless world

How SSI digital wallets go steps beyond FIDO’s passwordless authentication.

20 May 2022 min read

Here comes digital product placement

Plus, real-time bidding makes billions and Apple lets apps raise subscription prices.

20 May 2022 min read

Just because your iPhone is powered off doesn’t mean it can’t be attacked

The better we understand how adversaries can eavesdrop on our phones, the more confidence we can have in our privacy. 

19 May 2022 min read

Why is everyone getting hacked on Facebook?

Social media scams are just one of the many ways cyber criminals are taking advantage of people online these days.

18 May 2022 min read

How to make a successful transition to a hybrid work schedule

Employers should migrate to a hybrid environment only after building a solid foundation to support remote workers.

17 May 2022 min read

Google announces new security and privacy improvements at Google I/O

It's encouraging that Google is recognizing that users care about privacy. However, user data is still ultimately a product being sold to advertisers.

16 May 2022 min read