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If your business has an online storefront, here's how you can avoid being compromised

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What happens if classrooms get sent home again?

How to be prepared for a surprise school shutdown

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President Biden calls meeting with tech CEOs

Plus, zero-click spyware attack and the digital guide to breaking up

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Scammers who stole millions from elders indicted — how to protect yourself

For one of the first times ever, scammers who take advantage of elderly people facing the law

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Looking toward the future of AI with Avast's Andrew Gardner

Gardner explains how AI can rebalance the computer security game and teach us about human identity

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T-Mobile data breach affects millions

These days, internet users are suffering from ever-present data breaches in which their data is accessed by unauthorized parties

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Download a copy of your Facebook data using these steps

Prevent data loss by keeping a backup safe and sound on a local drive

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What does Apple know about you?

In this world of data collection and processing, Apple takes the lead on privacy

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How to identify scam calls

Recently, someone called me from the CDC. How can I verify that they're legit?

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How cyber mindful are you?

To ensure you can avoid today's scale of online threats, take our Cyber Mindfulness Quiz, which scores you on how cyber mindful you are and provides tips and tricks to help you better protect yourself.

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Here's how hackers can steal your data using light, radio, and sound waves

Exploiting air gaps allows bad actors to extract information using unexpected methods

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Memorial Health System recovers from ransomware

Plus, Twitter introduces a new tool, and a secret terrorist watchlist with 1.9 million records appears online

20 Aug 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 9: Heather Adkins

Google Senior Director of Information Security and Privacy Heather Adkins joins Jaya to talk about the changing trends and future needs of cybersecurity

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