Sandwich Generation

Many middle-aged parents (often GenXers) today are facing a cyber-sized dilemma - caught between two distinct online lives; each with unique needs, concerns and challenges.

One is the online safety of their children. Parents today are striving to keep up with the fluency of their digitally native children while protecting them from myriad threats – cyberbullying, illegal activities, scams, grooming etc.

The other is the online safety of their elderly parents. This means monitoring parents’ online activity and protecting them from scams, etc. while securing their digital freedom.

Being a part of this “sandwich” generation is no easy feat. Maintaining a safe online digital identity is important at every age. That’s why Jaya Baloo, mother and Avast CISO, and Emma McGowan, Senior Writer and Privacy Expert at Avast, are passionate about sharing best practices to improve the online safety and privacy of both elderly parents and children.

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