Meet the “Modern CTO” Michal Pechoucek

Part 1 of our “Modern CTO” series features Michal’s journey to Avast

21 Sep 2021 min read

Avast commits to protecting digital freedom for everyone

Here's how we're shaping the digital landscape to be a fairer, freer, more equitable place for all

16 Sep 2021 min read

Beyond protection: How Avast is enabling and empowering every digital citizen

Digital protection is more than security; it’s about helping people lead their best lives online

16 Sep 2021 min read

Avast introduces Avast One

Our new all-in-one service helps digital citizens protect their privacy, speed up their devices, and stay safe from cyberthreats

16 Sep 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 10: Keren Elazari

In our season finale, the internationally renowned security analyst talks with Jaya Baloo about a passwordless future, digital identity, and being a techno-optimist

14 Sep 2021 min read

Avast joins the Tracking-free Ads Coalition

How we're supporting the tech industry’s efforts to improve adtech and move away from problematic models of tracking-based ads

9 Sep 2021 min read

Looking toward the future of AI with Avast's Andrew Gardner

Gardner explains how AI can rebalance the computer security game and teach us about human identity

26 Aug 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 9: Heather Adkins

Google Senior Director of Information Security and Privacy Heather Adkins joins Jaya to talk about the changing trends and future needs of cybersecurity

19 Aug 2021 min read

Advancing digital identity with Avast's Charles Walton

Meet the team at Avast changing the way that people interact digitally

11 Aug 2021 min read

Avast receives the top score in AV-Comparatives' anti-phishing test

Avast Antivirus came through with a top score of 96% and zero false alarms encountered

11 Aug 2021 min read

Thoughts on the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web

Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek looks back on the internet's development over the past three decades

5 Aug 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 8: Dave Aitel

Security expert Dave Aitel shares his hacking journey with Avast CISO Jaya Baloo

15 Jul 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 7: Philip Zimmermann

Avast CISO Jaya Baloo asks cryptographer Phil Zimmermann about privacy in the age of Facebook

22 Jun 2021 min read