Avast commits to becoming a founder of the OpenWallet Foundation

Grace Macej 26 Sep 2022

As a first step, Avast joins the newly formed Linux Foundation Europe as an inaugural member.

Avast is publicly committing to becoming one of the founding supporters of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). The OWF is the inaugural project of the newly formed Linux Foundation Europe, an extension of the Linux Foundation, the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, hardware, standards, and data. 

What are the goals of the OpenWallet Foundation?

The OpenWallet Foundation has three core goals; one, develop and maintain a robust open source code engine for world-class digital wallets; two, to ensure interoperability between digital wallets; and three, to champion a level playing field for all vendors of digital wallets. The OWF community will focus on building an open source software stack that other organizations and companies can leverage to develop their own digital wallets. The wallets will support a wide variety of use cases from identity to payments to digital keys — all with the aim to achieve feature parity with any digital wallet on the market.

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“Protecting digital freedom is at the core of Avast’s mission. Collaboration, interoperability, and open ecosystems are essential to the digital future we envision, especially in the digital identity space. It is a great opportunity to join this community from the start to positively influence the security and privacy of the OpenWallet Foundation and the open source software it creates.  Avast is proud to be one of the initial founders of the OpenWallet Foundation,” said Drummond Reed, Director of Trust Services at Avast, a NortonLifeLock company. 

Avast is also proud to join Linux Foundation Europe to support the mission of fostering European open source collaboration and innovation. The organization’s mission is to help accelerate collaborative efforts focused on challenges and opportunities of all European constituencies, from individuals to public and private sectors, something Avast has valued since its inception 30 years ago.

“We are thrilled to have Avast supporting the launch of Linux Foundation Europe and the intent to launch the OpenWallet Foundation. Collaboration is key to strengthening the challenges and opportunities faced by the public and private sector European constituencies,” said Gabriele Columbro, General Manager, Linux Foundation Europe.

Becoming a founding member of Linux Foundation Europe represents the next step in our commitment to protecting digital freedom and the advancement of open ecosystems. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with other European companies and consortia, helping Europe lead the world on issues like privacy, data protection, digital wallets, and digital trust infrastructure,” said Andy Tobin, Commercial Director, Europe, for Digital Trust Services, at Avast, a brand of NortonLifeLock.

For more information about the project and how to participate in this work, please visit the OpenWallet Foundation website.

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