7 effective strategies for small business growth in 2022

Small businesses have many challenges to overcome in 2022, but they can still work toward success and grow using the right strategies and talent.

5 Aug 2022 min read

Discussing creativity, law, and bridging cultural differences with Avast’s Siew Lau

"For Avast, having a culturally diverse workforce provides in-house opportunities to understand aspects of a different culture and the way they prefer to do business."

5 Aug 2022 min read

What’s the difference between cyberbullying and online trolling?

The online world has made it possible for more people to express their opinions and have them be heard, but it also opens up a whole new world of bullying.

4 Aug 2022 min read

Avast One steps up home network protection and digital safety guidance across platforms

Avast One’s Online Safety Score and Network Inspector features strengthen digital protection capabilities on Mac and iOS for people at home and on the go.

3 Aug 2022 min read

How to prepare for a hacking incident

The more proactive you are, the less of an impact any breach will have on your operations.

1 Aug 2022 min read

More developments on NSO’s Pegasus spyware

At a recent hearing held by the House Intelligence Committee, witnesses emphasized the threat of spyware to various democracies around the world.

1 Aug 2022 min read

Tech giants pledge self-regulation in NZ pact

Plus, the DoJ seizes $500K from North Korean hackers, and a UK convenience store takes heat for using facial rec tech.

29 Jul 2022 min read

eIDAS 2.0: The latest developments

Looking ahead, there’s plenty of work left to do in order to make eIDAS 2.0 a reality.

29 Jul 2022 min read

The SMB’s guide to cyber resilience

Cyber resilience vs. cybersecurity: What’s the difference ⁠— and why does it matter?

28 Jul 2022 min read

7 signs it’s time to put down your phone and walk away

The internet will still be there when you get back!

28 Jul 2022 min read

New Candiru attack targets journalists in the Middle East

This attack fits into a wider trend of governments targeting journalists worldwide.

28 Jul 2022 min read

'Cancer Girl' scam has stolen more than half a million dollars

Since learning of the Cancer Girl scam, Avast researchers have blocked all of the related domains that they were able to find and protected almost 1,000 users in just 48 hours.

26 Jul 2022 min read

New Magecart campaigns are targeting online ordering sites

The malware was found in more than 300 restaurants that used them and exposed more than 50,000 paid orders.

26 Jul 2022 min read