Can TSA search your phone? Know your digital rights at the airport

TSA can make you take off your shoes, but can they search your phone? The answer might surprise you.

12 Jun 2024 min read

The hidden pitfalls of travel apps

Let’s take a deep dive into app permissions and privacy this summer.

6 Jun 2024 min read

Marketing vs. reality—What we can learn from the Ashley Madison hack

The new Netflix documentary “Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal” took us behind the scenes of one of the most infamous data breaches in history.

5 Jun 2024 min read

Is imitation a form of flattery? Scarlett Johansson doesn’t think so

As AI has been growing its capabilities at a breakneck pace, ethics and security take center stage.

30 May 2024 min read

YouTube, the backdrop of a scammer’s play

The video sharing platform has become a trendy scene for cyberattackers as of late.

20 May 2024 min read

Scammers are getting creative using malvertising, deepfakes, and YouTube

Check out our Avast Q1/2023 Threat Report to see how social engineering scams have surged a whopping 61% on mobile and 23% on desktop.

14 May 2024 min read

8 questions to ask yourself before sending that sexy photo

Sending sexy photos can be really fun, but it does come with increased risk of literal exposure.

14 May 2024 min read

What is MFA bombing? Apple users were targeted using this phishing technique

Some Apple users have reported phishing attacks using the password reset feature.

29 Apr 2024 min read

The ultimate cyber spring-cleaning checklist

Spring is not just a time for dusting off shelves and donating old clothes; it's also the perfect season to declutter and organize your digital space.

26 Apr 2024 min read

Leading the charge against GuptiMiner

Avast Threat Labs recently exposed and blocked a highly sophisticated malware operation known as GuptiMiner.

23 Apr 2024 min read

Glitter and… Firewalls? How to stay safe this festival season

Planning on hitting up a festival or two this summer? Here's everything you need to make sure you stay safe - in the digital realm, that is.

17 Apr 2024 min read

How Avast One Silver adapts to your unique online world

When it comes to online safety, performance, and privacy, one size does not fit all. This is where Avast One Silver comes in.

9 Apr 2024 min read

"When can we be together - forever?" A deep dive into emotional scamming

Scammers use psychology to create some of the most convincing internet cons – here's how to advise your customers on what to watch out for.

3 Apr 2024 min read
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