Independence Day: W3C strikes a blow for digital freedom

Yesterday, the W3C approved Decentralized Identifiers as a new web standard. Here's what it means for digital freedom.

1 Jul 2022 min read

Facial recognition in Oz

Plus, there’s a RAT in the router and Dragonbridge fires off misinformation.

1 Jul 2022 min read

If you were a queer girl in the 2000s, you were on LiveJournal

LiveJournal's popularity showed that there’s just something so human — so elemental — about the need to find and connect with like-minded people.

30 Jun 2022 min read

New deepfake video effort discovered

The mayor-to-mayor video calls are a warning to us all to not accept things without some proper vetting.

29 Jun 2022 min read

Kids are forming hacking groups online. Here's what to do about it.

The digital world comes with its own unique opportunities and potential dangers. But you, as the parent, have the tools to guide your kids and teens in the right direction.

28 Jun 2022 min read

Malware-as-a-service is spreading among teens

The Lunar malware builders aren’t unique: There are many varieties of “grabber builders” available online.

28 Jun 2022 min read

ToddyCat claws at Asian governments

Plus, Yodel gets hacked and Microsoft puts the kibosh on AI that reads emotion.

24 Jun 2022 min read

Vishing scams are on the rise and Interpol is cracking down

If you don’t think you should trust someone or a link you received, trust your instinct. It’s far better to be safe than a victim of a vishing scam.

23 Jun 2022 min read

The secret gay history of the modern internet

The fact that GeoCities was created by a gay man is not a footnote. It’s a headline.

23 Jun 2022 min read

RSocks criminal botnet taken down

RSocks compromised its victims by brute forcing attacks on various IoT devices as well as smartphones and computers.

22 Jun 2022 min read

Talking digital identity and the rise of embedded finance at Money20/20

If we are to create better digital trust for everyone, we need to work out how to better embrace and embed digital identity.

20 Jun 2022 min read

Meta bridges 2D and 3D with Crayta

Plus, Adobe patches 46 flaws and Australia mandates the “Essential Eight”.

17 Jun 2022 min read

Avast’s views on the proposed amendments to the eIDAS 2.0 regulation

The eIDAS 2.0 legislation aims to create a harmonized digital identity capability for all EU citizens.

17 Jun 2022 min read