Malicious QR codes found in Austin

A reminder to use QR codes as navigation tools — and nothing more

14 Jan 2022 min read

Emails from Uber may not have been from Uber

Plus, U.S. State Department iPhones hacked and Apple HomeKit bug goes unfixed

14 Jan 2022 min read

Using machine learning for the fast verification of contested antivirus decisions

This is how Avast collects a stream of potential false detections and swiftly reacts to them

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How to spot email scams

Here are the steps to follow to protect yourself from scam email attacks

13 Jan 2022 min read

Introducing a business guide to tackle credential stuffing attacks

Exploring several steps that business owners can take to boost their cybersecurity

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How to tell if you're helping or being scammed online

Scammers love to take advantage of our altruistic tendencies — here's how to stay safe

11 Jan 2022 min read

Discussing NSA leaks and recent state activities with Edward Snowden

Observing the changes that have taken place in the privacy landscape and how they affect today’s society

10 Jan 2022 min read

T-Mobile users suffer SIM swapping attacks

Plus, Shutterfly is hit by ransomware, and the world is surprised by “Y2K22”

7 Jan 2022 min read

Digital rights and wrongs

Everything from communications to currency to photography is now more digital than analog, so why not our rights, too?

6 Jan 2022 min read

How does your location affect your online privacy?

Each country and region has its own notion of online privacy and approach to structuring a privacy policy

5 Jan 2022 min read

New ways to phish found by academic researchers

Here's what you can do about them to keep using MFA to protect your own logins

5 Jan 2022 min read

Is your phone actually secure?

Our phones are an extension of our brains these days. Don’t let just anyone in there.

30 Dec 2021 min read

Countering disinformation requires a more coordinated approach

Taking a close look at the way disinformation is spread across digital networks and proposing a series of policy actions to slow its spread

28 Dec 2021 min read