Avast introduces Avast One

Our new all-in-one service helps digital citizens protect their privacy, speed up their devices, and stay safe from cyberthreats

16 Sep 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 10: Keren Elazari

In our season finale, the internationally renowned security analyst talks with Jaya Baloo about a passwordless future, digital identity, and being a techno-optimist

14 Sep 2021 min read

5 major viruses that would have been stopped by a firewall

Plus, why installing an efficient and strong firewall around your network is essential

13 Sep 2021 min read

Startup culture was boy culture. Can we ever grow up?

Can we finally create the workplace utopia we’ve been promising since the first tech wave?

13 Sep 2021 min read

What’s the difference between a firewall and a VPN?

Both are essential for network security.

10 Sep 2021 min read

Apple pauses plan to scan for CSAM

Plus, a U.S. university cancels classes due to ransomware and Twitter tests the “soft block”

10 Sep 2021 min read

Avast joins the Tracking-free Ads Coalition

How we're supporting the tech industry’s efforts to improve adtech and move away from problematic models of tracking-based ads

9 Sep 2021 min read

Internet price discrimination: Urban myth or the invisible hand?

Stay alert to the possibility of price discrimination through researching the products and services that you use

8 Sep 2021 min read

Steer clear of social media quizzes

The data-scraping “fun” can lead to identity theft and phishing scams

8 Sep 2021 min read

Instagram bans are now being sold as crime-as-a-service

Bans-as-a-service take advantage of Instagram's loose policies, and they're available for a low price

7 Sep 2021 min read

Wrap-up: What does the internet know about us?

Looking back on our 2021 series with some new insights on our lives online

7 Sep 2021 min read

Back-to-school tips for distance learning

Make online school both safe and fun using these tips

7 Sep 2021 min read

BEC scam swindles $2.3M from small U.S. town

Plus, a ransomware group shuts down and releases a decryptor, while a botnet shuts down and goes up for sale

3 Sep 2021 min read