6 tips to protect holiday tech

Christopher Budd 2 Dec 2021

Security advice for brand new devices this holiday season

The latest smartphones, laptops, and internet-connected devices are always among the holiday season’s hottest gifts. It’s such an amazing feeling starting from scratch with sleek hardware, a smudge-free screen, and an uncluttered Operating System (OS). 

On the other hand, with new tools and toys come new potential threats to your family’s online security and privacy. Whether you’re giving or receiving, it’s important to consider what happens after new devices are unwrapped.

Here are 6 tips to get your holiday hardware off to the right start:

  1. Start by connecting your new device to your private Wi-Fi network. Give it an appropriate name and profile to help you with identification and security management.

  2. Install all new updates. This includes hardware, OS, and any apps you want to use. Don’t put it off, the latest updates can help secure your gear by patching vulnerabilities. 

  3. Install security and privacy protection software right away. Avast One is a great way to protect computers and mobile devices for your whole family.

  4. Upgrade your account login. Most new devices with an OS or app store are connected to online accounts like Apple iCloud, Amazon, or Microsoft. Make sure you have a strong password or passphrase. An authenticator app is your best option for setting up multi-factor authentication.

  5. Check your privacy settings. Make sure the device’s privacy settings are protecting you, your family, and your home by limiting access. Don’t leave cameras or other smart home devices set to “public”.

  6. Enable family safety controls. If you’re setting up a device for your children or elderly loved ones, check your family safety settings to protect them and their privacy. Remember to set spending limits to avoid bad surprises and set parental controls to block inappropriate sites and apps.

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