How Emotet flooded Japanese inboxes

Avast’s telemetry data confirms a significant increase in Emotet botnet infection attempts in March 2022.

27 Apr 2022 min read

Password stealer disguised as private Fortnite server spreading via Discord

Since the beginning of this year, Avast has protected more than 2,000 customers from this password stealer.

22 Mar 2022 min read

Pre-war spike in phishing attacks targeting infrastructure in Ukraine

It is evident that Ukrainian companies have not been spared when it comes to phishing attacks, and attackers are targeting local communication infrastructures, network providers, and other services.

14 Mar 2022 min read

DDoS hacktivism: A highly risky exercise

Ensuring your security while using these tools is difficult to achieve, and by participating in these actions, you risk your privacy.

4 Mar 2022 min read

Avast Threat Labs warns against joining in DDoS attacks in aid of Ukraine

"Simple tools" allow regular people to participate in DDoS attacks in aid of Ukraine. But these tools are not safe, say Avast Threat Labs researchers.

1 Mar 2022 min read

How attackers got access to the systems of the National Games of China

The Winter Olympics are here — so are related digital vulnerabilities

4 Feb 2022 min read

CoinHelper hides in repackaged installers of software, Windows 11, games, and antivirus

Here's a reminder to make sure you’re always getting legitimate software

1 Dec 2021 min read

Take a survey, spam your friends, download fleeceware

How do people end up downloading fleeceware apps in the first place?

2 Nov 2021 min read

UltimaSMS: A widespread premium SMS scam on the Google Play Store

A fake photo editor, camera filter, games and other apps promoted via Instagram and TikTok channels

25 Oct 2021 min read

Gamers beware: Malware and malicious cracked games pose risks

These latest threats serve as a reminder that gamers, their accounts, and their in-game goods are lucrative targets for malware authors

22 Oct 2021 min read

How do you steal millions in crypto? Easy — use copy and paste

As it turns out, this simple trick can yield malware authors a lot of cryptocurrency

12 Oct 2021 min read

Investigating tech support fraud

How to spot tech support fraud pages, realize you’re being targeted, and know what to do in these situations

29 Jun 2021 min read

Can you spot a deceptive installer?

If a program costs something on a trusted site but is free somewhere else, there’s something suspicious going on

22 Apr 2021 min read