You’re telling me that ad was fake? Malvertising is sneakier than ever

The quality of malicious ads has improved immensely, making it harder for users to distinguish between what’s real or fake.

3 Jul 2024 min read

YouTube, the backdrop of a scammer’s play

The video sharing platform has become a trendy scene for cyberattackers as of late.

20 May 2024 min read

Scammers are getting creative using malvertising, deepfakes, and YouTube

Check out our Avast Q1/2024 Threat Report to see how social engineering scams have surged a whopping 61% on mobile and 23% on desktop.

14 May 2024 min read

Malicious PDFs, deepfakes, and romance scams were just some of the 10 billion cyber attacks we saw last year

Uncover the startling surge in cyber threats from our Avast Q4/2023 Threat Report. Over 10 billion attacks last year reveal the critical need to pay attention.

7 Feb 2024 min read

Avast Threat Report  shows humans are better targets than software

The latest Avast Threat Report identifies the most prominent targets for cybercrime—and it’s us.

14 Dec 2023 min read

RATs, rootkits, and ransomware (oh my!)

Perturbing highlights from the latest Avast Threat Report indicate scammers aren’t just stealing from your computer—they’re working to take it over entirely.

27 Sep 2023 min read

Web-based adware's crafty games and how to sidestep them

Explore the deceptive world of web-based adware, from unexpected prize wins to alluring adult content traps. .

15 Aug 2023 min read

New report shows surprising shift in cyber crime

New report reveals disturbing new trends in cyber crime, including a rise in social engineering attacks and a shift toward targeting individuals.

10 Aug 2023 min read

Unmasking HotRat: The hidden dangers in your software downloads

Avast researchers have unmasked a sneaky little rat in illegal versions of cracked software. His name is HotRat and he's coming for your personal info.

19 Jul 2023 min read

Avast researchers uncover disturbing crowdfunding scheme

The scam exploits human emotions and the innate desire to help others, amassing considerable sums of money from unsuspecting donors. 

28 Jun 2023 min read

How to stay safe while streaming Champions League matches

Avast researchers have observed a significant increase in blocked URL attacks on match days as viewers search for free streaming platforms.

1 Jun 2023 min read

Scammers get sneaky: New malware distribution tactics revealed in Avast Threat Report

The Avast Q1 2023 Threat Report reveals a 40% increase in phishing attempts and new malware distribution tactics that exploit trust in established brands like Microsoft and Adobe.

5 May 2023 min read

Avast Threat Labs releases Q4 2022 Threat Report

Overall, the Threat Report found an increase in both human-centered and more technologically advanced scams across the board.

9 Feb 2023 min read
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