Introducing a new schema to track ransomware vulnerabilities

The schema includes dozens of vulnerability listings for products including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and SonicWall

22 Sep 2021 min read

Facebook releases Ray-Ban Stories

Plus, Apple patches against Pegasus and the FTC warns about LGBTQ+ dating app scams

17 Sep 2021 min read

Avast 2021 Digital Citizenship Report: Online life has changed forever post pandemic

While digital competency has increased through the pandemic for many, online privacy and security concerns remain barriers to full participation

16 Sep 2021 min read

5 major viruses that would have been stopped by a firewall

Plus, why installing an efficient and strong firewall around your network is essential

13 Sep 2021 min read

Apple pauses plan to scan for CSAM

Plus, a U.S. university cancels classes due to ransomware and Twitter tests the “soft block”

10 Sep 2021 min read

Internet price discrimination: Urban myth or the invisible hand?

Stay alert to the possibility of price discrimination through researching the products and services that you use

8 Sep 2021 min read

Instagram bans are now being sold as crime-as-a-service

Bans-as-a-service take advantage of Instagram's loose policies, and they're available for a low price

7 Sep 2021 min read

BEC scam swindles $2.3M from small U.S. town

Plus, a ransomware group shuts down and releases a decryptor, while a botnet shuts down and goes up for sale

3 Sep 2021 min read

White hat hacking and the CDU case in Germany

The case of the CDU app illustrates the fact that white hat hacking for IT security has not become widely understood

31 Aug 2021 min read

Protect your online store against Magecart attacks

If your business has an online storefront, here's how you can avoid being compromised

30 Aug 2021 min read

President Biden calls meeting with tech CEOs

Plus, zero-click spyware attack and the digital guide to breaking up

27 Aug 2021 min read

Scammers who stole millions from elders indicted — how to protect yourself

For one of the first times ever, scammers who take advantage of elderly people facing the law

26 Aug 2021 min read

T-Mobile data breach affects millions

These days, internet users are suffering from ever-present data breaches in which their data is accessed by unauthorized parties

25 Aug 2021 min read