3 major cybersecurity predictions for the new year

While these trends might seem scary, there are easy ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business.

9 Dec 2022 min read

This holiday season, beware of SMS delivery scams

Be cautious of any delivery messages that ask for your personal data, especially during the holidays.

7 Dec 2022 min read

International police operation takes down iSpoof

As part of the takedown, 142 suspects were arrested.

6 Dec 2022 min read

How has social media rewired our minds?

A reminder that it’s crucial to listen more to others, put down the screen, and be present IRL. 

30 Nov 2022 min read

Using AI as an offensive cyber weapon

The Offensive AI Research Lab’s report and survey show the broad range of activities that are made possible through offensive AI.

16 Nov 2022 min read

New phishing campaign posing as Spain's Tax Agency

Never click on any links in emails, SMS, and messaging platforms – especially if the message urges you to take some immediate action.

11 Nov 2022 min read

Twitter Blue means bad things for the platform’s security

Purchased, “verified” Twitter accounts are now being abused in all kinds of ways.

10 Nov 2022 min read

World Cup 2022: Watch out for scams

Any significant event is usually (ab)used by cybercriminals that seek to take advantage of people looking for information, tickets, or news.

10 Nov 2022 min read

CISA recommendations on providing phishing-resistant authentication

CISA has two noteworthy considerations in developing the best MFA strategy.

9 Nov 2022 min read

Avast Threat Labs releases Q3 2022 Threat Report

The report found an increase in PC adware activity, continued chaos caused by cyber criminal gangs, and an increase in ransomware in certain parts of the world by a reduction in the rest of the global market.

2 Nov 2022 min read

The latest challenges to Section 230 reach the Supreme Court

This section has been routinely vilified by various political groups, who claim that the protections under this section against civil suits should be struck down.

1 Nov 2022 min read

Scary cybersecurity stories to tell in the dark

Turn off the lights and read these five fearsome frights.

31 Oct 2022 min read

Blue checks on the black market

Verified Twitter and IG accounts are in high criminal demand, plus more newsbytes of the week.

28 Oct 2022 min read