AI in cybersecurity: The good, the bad, and the ugly

AI technology has advanced to the level that it’s now at a pivotal point.

27 Jan 2023 min read

How have cryptocurrencies influenced cybercrime?

Cybercriminals are attracted to the decentralized nature and anonymity of cryptocurrencies, which makes it harder for law enforcement to track them down.

24 Jan 2023 min read

Scammers are targeting online secondhand shopping platforms

Cybercriminals use phishing attacks on secondhand shopping sites to scam buyers and sellers in real time.

12 Jan 2023 min read

The new year is here — and so are new smishing scams

The day after we found out about this scam, Spain’s national police force arrested 17 people that had been running a smishing fraud scheme and had stolen 145,000 euros from 170 victims.

5 Jan 2023 min read

An update on international data privacy protection

There are seven common principles that were adopted, all in the interest of serving to the free flow of data across country borders and promoting trust between citizens and their governments.

22 Dec 2022 min read

Merry Patching Christmas

Here’s an important update to make before you log off for the holidays.

21 Dec 2022 min read

DoD supply chain lessons learned

The time is ripe to consolidate and simplify your security toolsets.

20 Dec 2022 min read

Android app signing keys leaked and used to sign malware

Samsung, LG, MediaTek, and smaller OEMs are listed on the leaked keys list.

12 Dec 2022 min read

3 major cybersecurity predictions for the new year

While these trends might seem scary, there are easy ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business.

9 Dec 2022 min read

This holiday season, beware of SMS delivery scams

Be cautious of any delivery messages that ask for your personal data, especially during the holidays.

7 Dec 2022 min read

International police operation takes down iSpoof

As part of the takedown, 142 suspects were arrested.

6 Dec 2022 min read

How has social media rewired our minds?

A reminder that it’s crucial to listen more to others, put down the screen, and be present IRL. 

30 Nov 2022 min read

Using AI as an offensive cyber weapon

The Offensive AI Research Lab’s report and survey show the broad range of activities that are made possible through offensive AI.

16 Nov 2022 min read
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