How Elon Musk can securely achieve his mission of authenticating Twitter users

Elon Musk doesn’t need to know WHO the millions of Twitter users are — just that we’re not unverified bots.

28 Apr 2022 min read

Obama on strengthening our democracy and reforming social media

Obama discussed the role of government in online technologies, the relationship between democracy and tech companies, and the role of digital media to elevate authoritarian rulers.

26 Apr 2022 min read

The latest changes to US state data privacy laws

The latest legislation provides consumers with the right to access and delete some of their personal data and opt out of data collection under certain circumstances.

25 Apr 2022 min read

Our journey into the metaverse

Will the metaverse come to life? Here are the most important facts and answers about Meta's enormous project.

25 Apr 2022 min read

JekyllBot:5 vulnerabilities threaten hospital robots

Plus, an attacker borrows money to steal money, and Lenovo laptops patch firmware flaw.

22 Apr 2022 min read

War and cyberwar

Real war has come again to remind us that cyberwar, for all its terrors, is not yet on par with the damage done to flesh and family by bombs and bullets.

20 Apr 2022 min read

Introducing important changes to credit card data security standards

Credit card issuers and online businesses will have two years to implement the changes.

19 Apr 2022 min read

Will the metaverse be the new internet?

Plus, new legislation scares Big Tech and users can plant a tree through Alexa.

14 Apr 2022 min read

Yandex is causing data privacy concerns for mobile users

In this matter, the user's trust is ultimately put into the app developers' hands ⁠— the real question is who to trust.

8 Apr 2022 min read

Understanding how cybercrime group FIN7 has evolved into a major ransomware player

These developments go to show that ransomware continues to attract criminals and steal funds.

8 Apr 2022 min read

Hydra criminal forum seized and shuttered

Plus, hackers target NFT Discord channels and developers weigh in on the metaverse.

8 Apr 2022 min read

New digital threats targeting backup power supply systems

These threats demonstrate how attackers can take advantage of just about anything with an internet connection.

5 Apr 2022 min read

How is March Madness like cybersecurity?

Plus, a massive crypto heist and a sneaky text message scam.

1 Apr 2022 min read