Popular elementary school app, Seesaw, used to distribute obscene image

As this attack illustrates, reusing passwords can lead to very real consequences.

16 Sep 2022 min read

Autonomous stores could change the retail game

Plus, FishPig gets hacked and Rewards for Justice pays off.

16 Sep 2022 min read

Misinformation and propaganda in the authoritarian internet

In the context of the current war in Ukraine and increased authoritarian aggression against free and open discourse on the internet, it's now more important than ever to warn our European audience about the dangers of current new propaganda networks.

13 Sep 2022 min read

TikTok denies data breach

Plus, Instagram gets smacked with a fine and a large school district gets smacked with ransomware.

9 Sep 2022 min read

The latest privacy legal environment is getting interesting

Make sure you know the differences among the various states’ laws, when they go into effect, and whether or not they apply to your particular business.

7 Sep 2022 min read

The rise of ransomware and what can be done about it

Exploring the reasons for ransomware's rise over the past decade as well as measures necessary to start investing in a more secure future.

5 Sep 2022 min read

French tax office uses AI to find swimming pools

Plus, LastPass gets hacked and a cryptojacker hides in legit apps.

2 Sep 2022 min read

Apple flaws put company networks at risk

Plus, Zoom patches and repatches, while Twitter tests a new feature.

26 Aug 2022 min read

We’re in the midst of a scamdemic — here’s what to do about it

Scams are reaching New Zealanders and Australians via multiple communications channels on a weekly basis.

23 Aug 2022 min read

Fitbit’s having a bad summer

Plus, Signal’s security gets tested and SOVA emerges scarier than ever.

19 Aug 2022 min read

The majority of Americans have been targeted by online scammers

To help ensure that you don’t become the victim of an online scammer, here are six common types of internet scams and how to avoid them.

18 Aug 2022 min read

The most hated people on the internet: Where are they now?

We check in on the king of revenge porn, the Tinder Swindler, and the Fyre Festival fraudster.

16 Aug 2022 min read

A tale of two breaches: Comparing Twilio and Slack’s responses

The manner in which these two organizations responded to their respective breaches is instructive.

15 Aug 2022 min read