FCC cracks the whip on robocalls

Seven carriers put on notice, plus more news bytes of the week.

7 Oct 2022 min read

BeReal has good intentions, but does its privacy hold up?

The social network’s aim is to allow people to share unfiltered moments of their lives. The potential danger comes when those unfiltered moments include information they’d rather not share.

6 Oct 2022 min read

Defending digital freedom in times of cyberwar

We are witnessing a full-scale cyberwar, in real time, take place in front of our eyes. Cybersecurity and digital freedom are now, quite literally, life and death issues in Europe.

5 Oct 2022 min read

SEO poisoning: Beware of suspicious links to avoid malware infections

Seemingly innocent searches can tempt you with malware-infested links.

3 Oct 2022 min read

App security varies by location

Plus, a new malware is on the rise, and a new hack likely affects a third of all Australians.

30 Sep 2022 min read

GTA 6 footage leaks online

Plus, an airline hack, an Apple bug, media protection in Europe, and a $35 million security penalty.

23 Sep 2022 min read

How Uber was hacked — again

Fortunately, Uber reported this breach and acted on it quickly.

20 Sep 2022 min read

Your out-of-date medical device could be leaving you vulnerable

Roughly a third of all connected devices have insecure defaults, such as no or weak password protection or poor software design, that make them ripe for exploits. 

19 Sep 2022 min read

Popular elementary school app, Seesaw, used to distribute obscene image

As this attack illustrates, reusing passwords can lead to very real consequences.

16 Sep 2022 min read

Autonomous stores could change the retail game

Plus, FishPig gets hacked and Rewards for Justice pays off.

16 Sep 2022 min read

Misinformation and propaganda in the authoritarian internet

In the context of the current war in Ukraine and increased authoritarian aggression against free and open discourse on the internet, it's now more important than ever to warn our European audience about the dangers of current new propaganda networks.

13 Sep 2022 min read

TikTok denies data breach

Plus, Instagram gets smacked with a fine and a large school district gets smacked with ransomware.

9 Sep 2022 min read

The latest privacy legal environment is getting interesting

Make sure you know the differences among the various states’ laws, when they go into effect, and whether or not they apply to your particular business.

7 Sep 2022 min read
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