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Additional information regarding the recent CCleaner APT security incident

New analysis from the Avast Threat Labs

25 September 2017 min read

Progress on CCleaner Investigation

Large technology and telecommunications companies were targeted

20 September 2017 min read

Update to the CCleaner 5.33.6162 Security Incident

Clarifying what happened and outlining our next steps in protecting CCleaner customers

18 September 2017 min read

The Equifax Hack: The Aftermath

The breach has been stopped, but whether or not you’ve been compromised, there are critical next steps to take.

7 September 2017 min read

Smart but not secure?

How secure are IoT devices? Can they be hacked? Avast Threat Labs takes a hard look.

7 September 2017 min read

Introducing Avast Business: Optimized Security for SMBs and Service Providers

We combined the best of both Avast and AVG to create a consolidated set of powerful security solutions and services for businesses.

6 September 2017 min read

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A key milestone for SMB

Post AVG acquisition, our new Avast Business portfolio brings the best of both companies together to protect our customers

6 September 2017 min read

Avast and AVG score 100% in Real-World Test

Sometimes you need to be sure you're 100% protected. Avast and AVG blocked all Real-World attacks in a recent independent AV-Comparatives test.

29 August 2017 min read

Avast is proven to keep phishing scams at bay

AV-Comparatives awards Avast Free Antivirus its Anti-Phishing Certification 2017.

25 August 2017 min read

Avast sponsors Enigma Interviews

Enigma Interviews connect cybersecurity researchers and thought leaders with Bay Area citizens to discuss the concepts, tools, and defenses needed to keep our day-to-day lives secure.

22 August 2017 min read

Is your vacuum cleaner spying on you? Because that would suck

Your Roomba and some of your other home appliances collect a heap of personal data. Secure the privacy of your home with these expert tips.

17 August 2017 min read

Is your Android device getting sluggish? Find the culprits in our list of performance-draining apps

Avast reveals the Android apps that drain your battery, eat up your storage and use the most of your monthly data plan.

13 August 2017 min read
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