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Find out if your home network is vulnerable with Wi-Fi Inspector

Wi-Fi Inspector automatically scans your home network for vulnerable devices and helps address any security issues with step-by-step instructions.

24 February 2017 min read

Why antivirus alone won't protect you: The anatomy of REAL security software

Antivirus has become multi-layered security, protecting your Wi-Fi network, passwords, and connection. We explain what top security software should include.

23 February 2017 min read

CryptoMix: Avast adds a new free decryption tool to its collection

Avast now provides a decryption tool for ransomware CryptoMix (offline only)

21 February 2017 min read

When are kids ready for digital independence?

Most teens want their own smartphone, but parents can have a hard time knowing when kids can handle the responsibility.

7 February 2017 min read

Avast releases 3 more free decryption tools for ransomware victims

Avast now offers ransomware victims 14 free decryption tools to help them get their files back.

2 February 2017 min read

Which type of antivirus should you choose?

'Free,' 'Premium,' 'Default'? We help you understand the differences and make the right choice.

13 December 2016 min read

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Play online with no lag, no interruptions, and maximum safety

Avast protects your PC and your game with negligible CPU and GPU consumption.

9 December 2016 min read

Avast releases four free ransomware decryptors

Don't pay, and don't despair. Instead, unlock your ransomed files using Avast’s ransomware decryptors.

1 December 2016 min read

Showrooming this shopping season? Protect yourself with a VPN.

This shopping season protect yourself with a VPN when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

24 November 2016 min read

Tips to stay safe while shopping online this holiday season

Shopping online is one of the reasons why we love the internet. Keep your online shopping safe and private with our safe shopping tips.

17 November 2016 min read

5 ways to speed up your slow PC

Your computer's performance can be affected by lots of things, but Avast Free Antivirus isn't one of them. Find out how to get your PC up to speed.

7 November 2016 min read

Forget TV ads – clean your slow PC with a product you can trust

You’ve seen PC optimizer ads on TV, but now there's one you can really trust! Newly designed Avast Cleanup expertly cleans and optimizes your PC in minutes.

12 August 2016 min read
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