Top tips and tricks for back to school

We've rounded up our best back to school advice to help students and their families maintain online safety.

8 Sep 2022 min read

Has the world changed since The Most Hated Man on the Internet?

People are still sharing explicit images without the consent of the people in them, and there still is no federal law criminalizing revenge porn. While it might feel like two steps forward and one step back, the climate today is much better online than it was in past decades.

7 Sep 2022 min read

When it comes to tech knowledge, many parents believe their children have overtaken them

55% of parents across the UK have expressed concern about the fact their children are more clued up about tech than they are.

31 Aug 2022 min read

Millennials are the most likely to fall for online scams

It’s possible that the combination of Millennial comfort with the internet, plus greater time online and a bit of hubris all combine to make them more vulnerable to falling for online scams.

30 Aug 2022 min read

How to block YouTube on your children’s school devices

For parents having issues with your kids facing addictive or inappropriate content on YouTube, we have some advice for you.

29 Aug 2022 min read

What is vishing and how do I protect myself against it?

While there are a variety of vishing methods, the most common have recently centered on the theft of financial information or government IDs.

24 Aug 2022 min read

Keyboard warriors: Why Millennials are more likely to engage in trolling

The internet can feel like the whole world sometimes, but it’s actually just a small portion of it. So before you start to sound off online, take a breath.

22 Aug 2022 min read

Are young people sharing too much personal information online?

Here's a lesson you can take from your elders: Share less online. It might be the very thing that keeps you from getting scammed.

16 Aug 2022 min read

Want to avoid the worst of the internet? Start with cyber hygiene

Cyber hygiene connects reliable security principles to a person’s individual and unique habits.

12 Aug 2022 min read

Back to school: Do you know your high schooler's online fluency?

At this developmental stage, it’s time to start trusting that all of the work you put into teaching kids about good online behavior will pay off.

10 Aug 2022 min read

What’s the difference between cyberbullying and online trolling?

The online world has made it possible for more people to express their opinions and have them be heard, but it also opens up a whole new world of bullying.

4 Aug 2022 min read

How to prepare for a hacking incident

The more proactive you are, the less of an impact any breach will have on your operations.

1 Aug 2022 min read

7 signs it’s time to put down your phone and walk away

The internet will still be there when you get back!

28 Jul 2022 min read