How SMBs can plan for the new, new normal

How businesses can plan for better business operations and improve security and privacy, post-pandemic

10 Jun 2021 min read

What do security cameras know about you?

Are you being watched? Find out what data security cameras in your neighborhood collect about you and what they do with it.

9 Jun 2021 min read

Amazon Sidewalk is right around the corner - do you need to walk away?

Starting next week, all Amazon devices will be automatically opted in to their new mesh network. Should you opt out now?

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Learn how to protect elders from tech support scams

Protect yourself and your loved ones from tech support scams

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Do online dating profiles delete your data?

What happens when you stop using an online dating site or app? Do online dating services delete your data?

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Tech scams that target millennials and young people

Here's a roundup of commonly used tech tricks and traps

3 Jun 2021 min read

Is Nextdoor just a surveillance tool?

The hyperlocal social media site Nextdoor was created to connect neighbors. But is it actually spying on people while they spy on each other?

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The most common tech scams targeting seniors

Learn the dangers so you can protect yourself and your loved ones

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Gen Z needs to ditch the Y2K bucket hats and do this instead

Gen Z loves the Y2K era, but they need to get rid of the bucket hats, handkerchief tops, super low rise jeans and adopt these Y2K internet habits instead.

31 May 2021 min read

Managing your personal social media reputation

Are your posts putting your future at risk?

26 May 2021 min read

What data does the Oura ring track?

On this installment of What Does The Internet Know About Me?, Emma McGowan takes a closer look at what data her Oura Ring is tracking.

25 May 2021 min read

Don't fall for these search engine scams

Just because it's "Top 10," doesn't mean it's actually any good.

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Meet the features: Protecting against lost and stolen passwords

You don't always know when passwords are lost and stolen from sites — we've got solutions

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