Why is everyone getting hacked on Facebook?

Social media scams are just one of the many ways cyber criminals are taking advantage of people online these days.

18 May 2022 min read

How to make a successful transition to a hybrid work schedule

Employers should migrate to a hybrid environment only after building a solid foundation to support remote workers.

17 May 2022 min read

This victim had his life savings stolen in a crypto romance scam

Crypto romance scams are relatively new in the US, but they’re already taking a massive toll.

10 May 2022 min read

Top MFA myths busted

If you need some ammunition to fight for its acceptance across your company, we’ll bust a few MFA myths and help you convince folks to get onboard.

5 May 2022 min read

How I almost fell for an online rental scam

I was the perfect target because I was more likely to ignore concerns in hopes of finding cheap rent in New York City. 

3 May 2022 min read

Self-help apps violate your privacy, sell your information

Mental health and self-help apps know your deepest secrets. In a growing string of cases, they’re selling your information and ignoring your right to privacy.

2 May 2022 min read

Tech support scams targeting seniors on the rise

Tech support scammers target older people because they believe them to be more trusting and they tend to be more financially secure than younger people.

20 Apr 2022 min read

Get educated on digital cookies with baking star Prue Leith

Prue Leith is helping Brits understand digital cookies after new research reveals that 35% admit they don’t know what they actually are.

12 Apr 2022 min read

Watch out for fraudulent calls from alleged Europol employees

Beware of calls from Europol or in the name of the police.

31 Mar 2022 min read

In times of war, hacktivism is not the answer

While hacktivists likely believe that they are doing the right thing by contributing their skills to the side they support, at the very least they are committing crimes with these actions.

9 Mar 2022 min read

Top tips for women who want to succeed in tech

What can women who want to get into tech do to break into the field? Here are seven tips from two women who have been there.

8 Mar 2022 min read

Tips for securing your WordPress website

There are dozens of tips and resources available that can help you secure your WordPress website.

2 Mar 2022 min read

Anatomy of a phishing scam as told through scamming the scammer

Here's a “scam the scammer” SMS conversation to highlight some of the red flags to look out for the next time your “boss” messages you.

24 Feb 2022 min read