It’s time to refresh your device

Grace Macej 27 Oct 2022

Here’s the key to improving performance and prolonging battery life.

Are you secretly tech-challenged? Don’t be ashamed to say so –– you’re not alone. A British study involving 2,000 device owners revealed that almost 50% admit they are not very knowledgeable when it comes to resolving tech issues. Additionally, 15% have actually destroyed their devices out of tech frustration. If that number represents the whole UK population, that means about eight million people have smashed their devices in a rage.

But it’s time to put down the mallet and take a deep breath. As good as it may feel, destruction is not the answer. Avast Cleanup is. 

If you want to get that “brand new” feeling back –– when your PC, Mac, or Android device ran smoothly, never overheating and never slowing down –– part of the secret is to clean up the clutter. Removing junk files always frees up space. 

Another trick is to detect and eliminate all the hidden app activity that might be slowing you down. We all have multiple apps going at once. Sometimes we think we’ve closed an app, but it continues running in the background. All that activity adds up to a big slow down. 

Avast Cleanup Premium clears out your junk files and shuts down unwanted app activity. It speeds up your device and restores it so it runs smoothly again. It also prolongs your battery life. You can even set up automatic maintenance so Cleanup will regularly purge the accumulated unnecessary clutter. 

Refresh your relationship with your device with Avast Cleanup Premium. Try it out for free!

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