Safe dating in the digital age

This Valentine's Day, keep your online dating life fun and romantic by following these safety tips.

9 Feb 2023 min read

10 expert tips for filing taxes online without getting your identity stolen

Filing your taxes doesn't have to be a stressful experience – with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can get your taxes done quickly and safely.

8 Feb 2023 min read

Here's how football fans can avoid Super Bowl ticket scams

The big event attracts a wide range of scam artists who prey on unsuspecting fans.

7 Feb 2023 min read

Small but dangerous: What are the risks of malicious USBs?

Malicious USBs can allow attackers to obtain a user's passwords, access their devices, and even irreversibly damage their computer.

26 Jan 2023 min read

What's on the dark web in 2023?

The dark web remains a small, hidden part of the internet with strong ties to illegal activities and should be approached with caution.

18 Jan 2023 min read

Thinking of making an exception to your antivirus? Think again

Think twice before you add anything to exceptions, even if an antivirus detection dialogue annoys you in the moment.

12 Jan 2023 min read

The new year is here — and so are new smishing scams

The day after we found out about this scam, Spain’s national police force arrested 17 people that had been running a smishing fraud scheme and had stolen 145,000 euros from 170 victims.

5 Jan 2023 min read

The Oura Ring is the privacy-protecting fitness tracker you need this new year

The Oura’s main focus is on my “readiness,” which they determine by combining information about my heart rate, body temperature, activity information, and sleep data.

29 Dec 2022 min read

How to tell whether an item is legit when you're online shopping

With so many fake and counterfeit products on the market, it's crucial to know how to spot the real deal.

28 Dec 2022 min read

An infosec reading list for the new year

Bruce Schneier’s work has withstood the test of time and is still relevant today.

27 Dec 2022 min read

What does your Apple Watch know about you?

Apple's commitment to privacy is really important as we agree to provide the company with more and more of our personal info.

22 Dec 2022 min read

Here's what your Ring doorbell knows about you

More often than not, great convenience comes with great privacy implications.

21 Dec 2022 min read

Privacy concerns with this year's hottest tech gadgets

Every new tech toy comes the potential for privacy and security concerns.

19 Dec 2022 min read
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