Good cyber hygiene means having good security practices

As we take simple steps towards a healthier life, we all can start with an implementation of habits that improve our cyber hygiene.

18 Aug 2021 min read

5 reasons why you absolutely need a firewall

Essential security technology that’s still not obsolete

18 Aug 2021 min read

What does TikTok know about you?

As a millennial, I gave up so much of my data without realizing it. Now that I do realize it, do I want to go down that route again with TikTok?

17 Aug 2021 min read

Here's how to set up 2FA on your Facebook account

Protect your profile from social media hijackers

12 Aug 2021 min read

What does Twitter know about you?

Twitter likes to suck up a lot of data, but it also lets users have a say in a good amount of the data that it collects

10 Aug 2021 min read

What does Amazon know about you?

The question of whether or not giving up a hefty amount of data is “worth it” in exchange for convenience is a complicated one with Amazon

3 Aug 2021 min read

Avast Red Team’s top 5 security tips for your grandma

Calling all seniors and caretakers – learn to recognize and shut down these threats

2 Aug 2021 min read

How to identify the language tech support scammers use to scam

Tech support scams use language to manipulate people. But language — scammy or otherwise — can be learned.

29 Jul 2021 min read

Who can see your address online?

What was once only available to those in our local communities is now available to anyone, anywhere in the world

20 Jul 2021 min read

How to clean up your digital footprint

Nine simple steps to make your digital trail more positive

14 Jul 2021 min read

What is your digital footprint?

Know what your digital trail says about you before it causes you problems

8 Jul 2021 min read

Apple is improving privacy features, but is it enough?

Here's how Apple's privacy features impact online tracking and privacy

5 Jul 2021 min read

Sextortion: What I did when an email tried to blackmail me

Plus, what to do if you receive a sextortion email yourself (hint: don't pay the ransom)

2 Jul 2021 min read