How to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi hotspots

Deborah Salmi 8 Nov 2022

Keep your data and browsing habits private when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Many of the Wi-Fi hotspots you use in your hometown and when you travel have major security flaws that make it easy for hackers to see your browsing activity, searches, passwords, videos, emails, and other personal information. It’s a public Wi-Fi connection, meaning that you are sharing the network with lots of strangers. Those strangers can easily watch what you’re doing or steal a username and password to one of your accounts while you sip your latte.

An easy and affordable way to maintain your security whenever you use free Wi-Fi is to use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN service, like our very own SecureLine VPN, routes all the data you're sending and receiving through a private, secure network, even though you're on a public one. That way, SecureLine makes you 100% anonymous while protecting your activity.

Take advantage of Avast's worldwide servers

You can connect to our virtual locations anytime you don’t want anyone to monitor or log your internet activity. 

One of the great bonuses of SecureLine VPN is that it allows you to visit local websites restricted to visitors from abroad. While connected to a local server, you can watch your favorite shows or listen to streaming radio in another country. That’s because SecureLine makes it look like you’re connected from the right location to access the content. (You know those countries that have blocked Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter? A VPN is how people can still connect.)

When you connect SecureLine VPN on your PC, Mac, or Android phone, here’s what you can expect:

  • Privacy protection: Hides your internet activity anywhere on the web

  • Bypassing geo-restricted content: This allows you to watch your favorite content

  • You are anonymous: We don't log what users do when connected through SecureLine VPN

  • Ease of use: With just one click, you're connected to one of 24 servers worldwide

How to use Avast SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN is part of Avast Antivirus. Simply open your Avast user interface, choose the Privacy option in the left menu, then click the 'SecureLine VPN' button.

Please note that licenses for Windows, Android, and iOS versions of Avast SecureLine VPN are separate.

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