U.S. millennials are most likely to engage in trolling, study finds

According to new research by the Avast Foundation, members of Gen Z in the U.S. don’t participate in trolling behavior as much as millennials

30 Nov 2021 min read

Vaccine passports that protect privacy are possible

It’s our job as consumers — and as privacy advocates — to make sure that any solutions we adopt protect both our privacy and our health

30 Nov 2021 min read

Keeping technology safe for all: The ongoing fight against stalkerware

Taking a look at the Coalition Against Stalkerware's ongoing work and achievements to date

26 Nov 2021 min read

Could a post-pandemic tech industry finally center women?

It’s time to make moves that center the experiences of women in ways we haven’t seen before

25 Nov 2021 min read

Everything you need to know about cookies

A guide to internet cookies and how you can control them

25 Nov 2021 min read

A guide to protecting your privacy online

Privacy is a non-renewable resource — once you give up details, they can remain available to all sorts of bad actors

25 Nov 2021 min read

Web Summit 2021: From chess board to the silver screen

Avast Security Ambassador and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov talks about his work on The Queen’s Gambit

24 Nov 2021 min read

7 scams targeting holiday shoppers

2021’s list of cyber shopping red flags

24 Nov 2021 min read

Is antivirus enough protection for your family?

Here's what to think about when considering an all-in-one suite

24 Nov 2021 min read

Web Summit 2021: Garry Kasparov and Ondrej Vlcek on taking back control of the internet

Garry Kasparov and Ondrej Vlcek discuss digital freedom in this new era of the internet

22 Nov 2021 min read

Protect your privacy with Avast Online Security & Privacy’s upgraded browser extension

Avast Online Security & Privacy gives you control over privacy preferences, data sharing, and online tracking

22 Nov 2021 min read

Cyber shopping tips for the holiday season

Click with caution: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

22 Nov 2021 min read

10 fundamental rights for crypto users

Plus, a new parking app wants to track your browser activity and a new iMessage feature safeguards kids

19 Nov 2021 min read