Is your ID badge giving away too much about you?

ID badges are a two-edged sword, providing security and convenience on one hand, but risking exposure of sensitive data on the other.

3 Jan 2024 min read

Twas the day after Christmas, and this family was smart…

A post-holiday poem you can read by the fireplace for the digital age.

26 Dec 2023 min read

This year’s resolution: remove nosey apps from your device

Some apps are plain greedy—like a stranger you invite for a meal who insists on ordering everything on the menu. Except instead of the burger, fries, and ice-cream sundae, it’s your data they’re hoovering up. Here’s what you can do to set some boundaries.

22 Dec 2023 min read

The Avast Phishing Awards: Trickiest email headlines of 2023

Welcome to the most prestigious event in the world of cyber trickery: the first annual Avast Phishing Awards! Join us as we unveil the most noteworthy, side-eye-inducing, and downright dubious email headlines that made this such a year to remember.

20 Dec 2023 min read

Are you sure that online store is real? You might be surprised

The new trend in online fashion: An increase in counterfeit boutiques. Understanding them, recognizing the signs, and actions to take if you're scammed.

19 Dec 2023 min read

6 tips to protect your new devices during the holiday season

Security advice for brand new devices this holiday season

18 Dec 2023 min read

Understanding and protecting against DNS threats with Avast

You might not have heard of DNS--but cybercriminals definitely have. Here's how they exploit it to steal your data.

14 Dec 2023 min read

Avast Threat Report  shows humans are better targets than software

The latest Avast Threat Report identifies the most prominent targets for cybercrime—and it’s us.

14 Dec 2023 min read

Small business cybersecurity predictions for 2024 from Avast threat researchers

Avast's 2024 guide for small businesses: stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and help secure your organization's digital world.

13 Dec 2023 min read

Stepping into 2024 with a look at emerging cybersecurity risks

Avast's 2024 guide: AI risks, loan app dangers, chat scams. Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and secure your digital world.

12 Dec 2023 min read

Video: Accept all cookies? A recipe for online privacy this holiday season

Make delicious sense of online cookies with Avast and get two signature holiday cookie recipes from chef Carla Hall

11 Dec 2023 min read

9 online scams to watch out for this holiday season

By being aware of these common online scams and taking precautions, you can protect yourself and your family from becoming victims this holiday season.

4 Dec 2023 min read

Non-delivery and non-payment scams top the charts in holiday fraud

It’s not just the busiest shopping season. For scammers and fraudsters, it’s easily the busiest scamming season, too.

28 Nov 2023 min read
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