How to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi hotspots

Keep your data and browsing habits private when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

8 Nov 2022 min read

Emergency plan: What to do if you've been hacked

It can feel embarrassing to be the victim of a crime but, remember: It’s so, so common.

3 Nov 2022 min read

Avast Threat Labs releases Q3 2022 Threat Report

The report found an increase in PC adware activity, continued chaos caused by cyber criminal gangs, and an increase in ransomware in certain parts of the world by a reduction in the rest of the global market.

2 Nov 2022 min read

The latest challenges to Section 230 reach the Supreme Court

This section has been routinely vilified by various political groups, who claim that the protections under this section against civil suits should be struck down.

1 Nov 2022 min read

How to gain access to your loved one’s online accounts after they die

Plus, steps you can take to create a pre-death plan for how to handle online accounts.

1 Nov 2022 min read

Scary cybersecurity stories to tell in the dark

Turn off the lights and read these five fearsome frights.

31 Oct 2022 min read

Blue checks on the black market

Verified Twitter and IG accounts are in high criminal demand, plus more newsbytes of the week.

28 Oct 2022 min read

Phishing: The tip of the iceberg

From big companies to individuals, phishing affects everyone in today's digital world.

27 Oct 2022 min read

It’s time to refresh your device

Here’s the key to improving performance and prolonging battery life.

27 Oct 2022 min read

Prioritizing cybersecurity in hybrid environments

How SMBs can keep data and devices protected - no matter where work is being done.

25 Oct 2022 min read

Navigating online safety at any age

Read our top articles on how to navigate online safety at any age, with actionable tips to help you protect your family. 

24 Oct 2022 min read

What happens to your Facebook account when you pass away?

We leave a huge digital footprint on Facebook. Did you ever think about what will happen with your data when you pass away?

24 Oct 2022 min read

Take this quick cyber awareness quiz to protect your family

How much do you know about cybersecurity? This five cyber awareness question quiz will help protect everyone in your family, from the baby to Grandma.

21 Oct 2022 min read