This victim had his life savings stolen in a crypto romance scam

Crypto romance scams are relatively new in the US, but they’re already taking a massive toll.

10 May 2022 min read

Are biometrics good or bad?

Biometrics are very powerful, but if handled improperly, very dangerous. With great power comes great responsibility.

6 May 2022 min read

Deepfake threats are getting real

Plus, the return of REvil and the largest HTTPS DDoS attack ever.

6 May 2022 min read

Top MFA myths busted

If you need some ammunition to fight for its acceptance across your company, we’ll bust a few MFA myths and help you convince folks to get onboard.

5 May 2022 min read

Allowing too many exceptions leaves you wide open to infection

Think twice before you add anything to exceptions, even if an antivirus detection dialogue annoyed you in the moment.

4 May 2022 min read

How I almost fell for an online rental scam

I was the perfect target because I was more likely to ignore concerns in hopes of finding cheap rent in New York City. 

3 May 2022 min read

The U.S. government wants to expand the use of social media for immigration vetting

“This is the kind of policy we ordinarily associate with authoritarian states, not open societies. It does a disservice to our democratic values.”

3 May 2022 min read

Self-help apps violate your privacy, sell your information

Mental health and self-help apps know your deepest secrets. In a growing string of cases, they’re selling your information and ignoring your right to privacy.

2 May 2022 min read

More transparency from developers is coming to the Google Play Store

It’s still wise to stay vigilant when you are downloading new apps from the Google Play Store.

2 May 2022 min read

Will Elon Musk follow the rules?

Plus, Google Play offers a new “data privacy” app descriptor, and the metaverse just might reshape manufacturing.

29 Apr 2022 min read

The Autism@IT Project

Avast celebrates World Autism Awareness Month with educational activities and our Autism@IT mentoring project.

28 Apr 2022 min read

How Elon Musk can securely achieve his mission of authenticating Twitter users

Elon Musk doesn’t need to know WHO the millions of Twitter users are — just that we’re not unverified bots.

28 Apr 2022 min read

Here’s what to look forward to at CARO Workshop 2022

A Q&A with Conference Chair Luis Corrons about CARO 2022.

27 Apr 2022 min read