Your next online dating match might actually be ChatGPT

Researchers at Avast have uncovered a romance scam that utilizes ChatGPT to increase the believability of their online dating conversations.

4 Oct 2023 min read

Is that how it works? Hacking and scamming in popular TV shows

TV and film depict how hackers and scammers operate to move plots and raise stakes. But is Hollywood delivering stories of real fraud or pure fiction?

29 Sep 2023 min read

RATs, rootkits, and ransomware (oh my!)

Perturbing highlights from the latest Avast Threat Report indicate scammers aren’t just stealing from your computer—they’re working to take it over entirely.

27 Sep 2023 min read

What is digital identity?

Most of us have a digital identity, and it’s more valuable than you might think

25 Sep 2023 min read

Hackers and scammers target classrooms with ransomware. What can you do?

Our young people are always learning. It’s a great time to expand their cyber education to help keep them safe in the classroom.

20 Sep 2023 min read

If the worst happens: How to prep your accounts so your loved one can get into them

How to make sure your loved ones can access your accounts if you pass away.

18 Sep 2023 min read

Do you really need to tell FedEx your Social Security number? How to avoid package-delivery scams

You sure you actually ordered that pair of shoes? Here's how to recognize and avoid package-delivery scams.

11 Sep 2023 min read

A college student’s guide to dating app scams

Almost everyone meets online these days--and scammers know it. Here's how to tell what's a scam and what could be true love.

4 Sep 2023 min read

When kids fly the nest, secure your digital nest eggs

When kids leave home, they likely keep the keys to the house. They also might keep information and access that’s better kept under your roof.

29 Aug 2023 min read

Too good to be true? That online auction price could be triangulation fraud

There’s a popular scheme that targets online shoppers. But are you savvy enough to spot this scam? Everything you need to know about triangulation fraud.

24 Aug 2023 min read

Fleeceware drains money from account slowly over time - here’s how to spot it

Fleeceware isn’t just a comfy outer-layer for autumn—it could be the reason your credit card debt is ticking up every month.

22 Aug 2023 min read

Web-based adware's crafty games and how to sidestep them

Explore the deceptive world of web-based adware, from unexpected prize wins to alluring adult content traps. .

15 Aug 2023 min read

New report shows surprising shift in cyber crime

New report reveals disturbing new trends in cyber crime, including a rise in social engineering attacks and a shift toward targeting individuals.

10 Aug 2023 min read
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