Avast Business takes home AV-Comparatives’ Approved Business Product award

Avast Business earns high scores on protection, performance, and usability

22 Jul 2021 min read

Understanding the Pegasus project

Although the chances of being struck by Pegasus are low, there's still many reasons to practice safe computing on your phone

22 Jul 2021 min read

The Avast Red Team's top 5 security tips for SMBs

Put these strong security controls in place now to protect your infrastructure, IT systems, and data

21 Jul 2021 min read

Is storing a digital driver’s license on your phone a good idea?

Moving to an entirely digital wallet makes a lost or stolen phone an even bigger headache

20 Jul 2021 min read

Who can see your address online?

What was once only available to those in our local communities is now available to anyone, anywhere in the world

20 Jul 2021 min read

Why your privacy policy should be customer-focused

This is the importance of customer data protection and how to implement a strong company privacy policy

19 Jul 2021 min read

Is voice cloning a security threat?

Plus, the Ring doorbell gets a security upgrade and Xbox gives parents more spending control

16 Jul 2021 min read

Video: Avast Hacker Archives Episode 8: Dave Aitel

Security expert Dave Aitel shares his hacking journey with Avast CISO Jaya Baloo

15 Jul 2021 min read

How to clean up your digital footprint

Nine simple steps to make your digital trail more positive

14 Jul 2021 min read

Phishing scams are taking advantage of crypto hype

Wherever cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, crypto-based scams are not far behind

13 Jul 2021 min read

Is Google's FLoC a solution to user privacy concerns?

Although FLoC is designed to provide users with increased privacy, experts are concerned that it will have the opposite effect

12 Jul 2021 min read

Enhancing threat intelligence using new STIX and TAXII standards

The latest round of both standards have been implemented by numerous vendors, including Avast

12 Jul 2021 min read

Avast researchers fight malware by processing machine data with next-gen machine learning

New research from Avast and Czech Technical University applies automated feature extraction to machine learning to automate data processing pipelines

9 Jul 2021 min read