Too good to be true? That online auction price could be triangulation fraud

There’s a popular scheme that targets online shoppers. But are you savvy enough to spot this scam? Everything you need to know about triangulation fraud.

24 Aug 2023 min read

Fleeceware drains money from account slowly over time - here’s how to spot it

Fleeceware isn’t just a comfy outer-layer for autumn—it could be the reason your credit card debt is ticking up every month.

22 Aug 2023 min read

Web-based adware's crafty games and how to sidestep them

Explore the deceptive world of web-based adware, from unexpected prize wins to alluring adult content traps. .

15 Aug 2023 min read

New report shows surprising shift in cyber crime

New report reveals disturbing new trends in cyber crime, including a rise in social engineering attacks and a shift toward targeting individuals.

10 Aug 2023 min read

The 3 Cs of renting vs buying textbooks: Cost, convenience, and cybersecurity

Renting textbooks is usually the cheaper option, but you might end up paying in other ways. 

7 Aug 2023 min read

Ebooks are cheap, but you might pay in other ways

Everyone is looking for a deal on textbooks this back-to-school season. You know it, but so do the scammers. Here's what to look out for with ebook scams.

3 Aug 2023 min read

Unzipping the truth: The hidden dangers of .zip domains

That .zip file looks legit, but it's actually a sneaky new way for cyber criminals to steal your info.

1 Aug 2023 min read

A fan-made Mario game says 'Lets-a-cryptomine'

An unofficial Mario game installs code to use your computer for cryptocurrency mining without permission.

1 Aug 2023 min read

Are my apps spying on me? A paranoid’s guide to digital life

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't watching you. Here's the answer to that age-old question: Are my apps spying on me?

31 Jul 2023 min read

How scammers used SEO to disguise themselves as an electric utility

Just because that link comes from [your search engine here] doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate website.

28 Jul 2023 min read

Why we all love to hate passwords-and why they’re so important anyway

We all hate passwords, but they're still an essential part of keep your online info safe. Here's why we hate them--and what we can do about it.

26 Jul 2023 min read

Avast launches free cybersecurity training quiz to help small businesses stay safe online

The new Avast Cybersecurity Basics Training Quiz provides training on Data Security, Identity Management, and Social Media Security

26 Jul 2023 min read

How to use Discord’s ‘Family Center’ to help protect your child

In Discord's Family Center, parents can now monitor their children’s online activity to a certain extent, customizing supervision to fit their needs. 

24 Jul 2023 min read
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