The rise and fall of ransomware: Insights from Avast's Q1/2023 Threat Report

Ransomware has been a prominent threat in cybersecurity for more than a decade, but the rates of incidents are showing slight decline. The Avast Q1/2023 Threat Report examines why.

2 Jun 2023 min read

How to stay safe while streaming Champions League matches

Avast researchers have observed a significant increase in blocked URL attacks on match days as viewers search for free streaming platforms.

1 Jun 2023 min read

Protecting your business: Advice to SMB CEOs from a former CIO

Here's how SMBs can remain viable and thrive in today’s digital landscape.

29 May 2023 min read

Don’t fall for it! How scammers are tricking businesses with fake invoices

Invoice scams, where employees receive requests for payment from legitimate sources or routine services, are on the rise. Learn what to watch out for.

26 May 2023 min read

The rising trend of phishing on IPFS: What you need to know

By staying informed about potential threats and taking proactive measures to protect yourself, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of Web3 and IPFS while minimizing your risk of falling victim to phishing attacks.

24 May 2023 min read

How should SMBs approach AI-related threats?

While the potential impact of AI shouldn’t be underestimated, we should also remember that most of today’s threats and exploits are focused on basic gaps in cyber hygiene.

16 May 2023 min read

Avast discovers and helps patch a major vulnerability

Avast researchers discovered a dangerous vulnerability in Microsoft software, then worked with Microsoft to rapidly patch it.

11 May 2023 min read

Scammers get sneaky: New malware distribution tactics revealed in Avast Threat Report

The Avast Q1 2023 Threat Report reveals a 40% increase in phishing attempts and new malware distribution tactics that exploit trust in established brands like Microsoft and Adobe.

5 May 2023 min read

Outsmarting phishing attacks: AV-Comparatives reveals top anti-phishing solutions

These test results highlight the importance of choosing the right security software and browser to protect against phishing threats.

4 May 2023 min read

Online safety lessons for SMBs from the world of sports

For small businesses as well as sports teams, making defense a priority can be the difference between winning and losing.

2 May 2023 min read

SMB cyber safety: De-risking catastrophic events

Businesses need to build enough protective measures and mitigating controls to recover and emerge stronger from cyberattacks.

26 Apr 2023 min read

How to fortify your cryptocurrency security

Security risks are one of the most significant concerns when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, and there are several types of security risks that investors should be aware of.

25 Apr 2023 min read

The importance of independent third-party testing of anti-malware solutions

Organizations and individuals should use a combination of test results, expert opinions, and their own research to make informed decisions about which anti-malware solution to use.

20 Apr 2023 min read
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