Defending digital freedom in times of cyberwar

We are witnessing a full-scale cyberwar, in real time, take place in front of our eyes. Cybersecurity and digital freedom are now, quite literally, life and death issues in Europe.

5 Oct 2022 min read

SEO poisoning: Beware of suspicious links to avoid malware infections

Seemingly innocent searches can tempt you with malware-infested links.

3 Oct 2022 min read

App security varies by location

Plus, a new malware is on the rise, and a new hack likely affects a third of all Australians.

30 Sep 2022 min read

Scammers are most likely to pose as your friend — here's why

Posing as a friend is a particularly good move because we all want to help out the people we love — and, a lot of the time, people we once loved.

26 Sep 2022 min read

Avast commits to becoming a founder of the OpenWallet Foundation

As a first step, Avast joins the newly formed Linux Foundation Europe as an inaugural member.

26 Sep 2022 min read

GTA 6 footage leaks online

Plus, an airline hack, an Apple bug, media protection in Europe, and a $35 million security penalty.

23 Sep 2022 min read

Netiquette: Is it OK to share pictures of someone else's kids online?

Dear Avast, I recently hosted a birthday party for my child. I want to post the photos on social media, but I'm not sure if it's OK to post pictures of my kid's friends online. What should I do?

23 Sep 2022 min read

How Uber was hacked — again

Fortunately, Uber reported this breach and acted on it quickly.

20 Sep 2022 min read

Is free Wi-Fi safe?

Read this before you hook into that free Wi-Fi and get more than you bargained for.

20 Sep 2022 min read

Your out-of-date medical device could be leaving you vulnerable

Roughly a third of all connected devices have insecure defaults, such as no or weak password protection or poor software design, that make them ripe for exploits. 

19 Sep 2022 min read

Popular elementary school app, Seesaw, used to distribute obscene image

As this attack illustrates, reusing passwords can lead to very real consequences.

16 Sep 2022 min read

3 ways to protect your business from ransomware

Although attacks on large companies dominate ransomware news, smaller businesses make much easier targets, as they often lack the budget to implement successful cybersecurity strategies.

16 Sep 2022 min read

Autonomous stores could change the retail game

Plus, FishPig gets hacked and Rewards for Justice pays off.

16 Sep 2022 min read