DoD supply chain lessons learned

The time is ripe to consolidate and simplify your security toolsets.

20 Dec 2022 min read

Privacy concerns with this year's hottest tech gadgets

Every new tech toy comes the potential for privacy and security concerns.

19 Dec 2022 min read

The easy way to protect yourself from almost all phishing scams

With Avast, you can protect yourself and your personal information from these dangerous scams.

14 Dec 2022 min read

Protecting yourself against online identity theft is easier than you think

Just as there are people working to try and steal your identity for nefarious purposes, so too are there people working hard to prevent that theft.

13 Dec 2022 min read

Android app signing keys leaked and used to sign malware

Samsung, LG, MediaTek, and smaller OEMs are listed on the leaked keys list.

12 Dec 2022 min read

3 major cybersecurity predictions for the new year

While these trends might seem scary, there are easy ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business.

9 Dec 2022 min read

This holiday season, beware of SMS delivery scams

Be cautious of any delivery messages that ask for your personal data, especially during the holidays.

7 Dec 2022 min read

International police operation takes down iSpoof

As part of the takedown, 142 suspects were arrested.

6 Dec 2022 min read

AVAR 2022 kicks off in Singapore

We're presenting some of our top technical research at this year's event.

2 Dec 2022 min read

How has social media rewired our minds?

A reminder that it’s crucial to listen more to others, put down the screen, and be present IRL. 

30 Nov 2022 min read

5 quick ways to speed up your computer

Your computer's performance can be affected by lots of things — find out how to get your PC up to speed.

24 Nov 2022 min read

Looking for love in all the wrong (internet) places

Avast researchers have identified a new version of an old romance scam, using pictures of beautiful women to try and lure victims in.

23 Nov 2022 min read

Take back your privacy from eavesdroppers

Psst! Someone is spying on you.

21 Nov 2022 min read
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