Beware of DDosia, a botnet created to facilitate DDoS attacks

The hacker group targets a wide range of organizations, including courts, banks, educational institutions, government agencies, and transport services.

16 Jan 2023 min read

Thinking of making an exception to your antivirus? Think again

Think twice before you add anything to exceptions, even if an antivirus detection dialogue annoys you in the moment.

12 Jan 2023 min read

Scammers are targeting online secondhand shopping platforms

Cybercriminals use phishing attacks on secondhand shopping sites to scam buyers and sellers in real time.

12 Jan 2023 min read

The new year is here — and so are new smishing scams

The day after we found out about this scam, Spain’s national police force arrested 17 people that had been running a smishing fraud scheme and had stolen 145,000 euros from 170 victims.

5 Jan 2023 min read

The Oura Ring is the privacy-protecting fitness tracker you need this new year

The Oura’s main focus is on my “readiness,” which they determine by combining information about my heart rate, body temperature, activity information, and sleep data.

29 Dec 2022 min read

How to tell whether an item is legit when you're online shopping

With so many fake and counterfeit products on the market, it's crucial to know how to spot the real deal.

28 Dec 2022 min read

An infosec reading list for the new year

Bruce Schneier’s work has withstood the test of time and is still relevant today.

27 Dec 2022 min read

What does your Apple Watch know about you?

Apple's commitment to privacy is really important as we agree to provide the company with more and more of our personal info.

22 Dec 2022 min read

An update on international data privacy protection

There are seven common principles that were adopted, all in the interest of serving to the free flow of data across country borders and promoting trust between citizens and their governments.

22 Dec 2022 min read

Merry Patching Christmas

Here’s an important update to make before you log off for the holidays.

21 Dec 2022 min read

Here's what your Ring doorbell knows about you

More often than not, great convenience comes with great privacy implications.

21 Dec 2022 min read

EWC and the EUDI wallet: Helping individuals take control of their online identity

The EWC pilot will focus on the use of the EU Digital Identity Wallet in the context of travel – such as providing passenger information, buying goods and services, and trusted business to business interactions.

20 Dec 2022 min read

DoD supply chain lessons learned

The time is ripe to consolidate and simplify your security toolsets.

20 Dec 2022 min read
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