Avast joins industry leading foundations to enable global-scale digital trust

Avast joins several prominent digital trust and identity organizations to help people regain control of their digital identities and data.

30 Aug 2022 min read

Millennials are the most likely to fall for online scams

It’s possible that the combination of Millennial comfort with the internet, plus greater time online and a bit of hubris all combine to make them more vulnerable to falling for online scams.

30 Aug 2022 min read

How to block YouTube on your children’s school devices

For parents having issues with your kids facing addictive or inappropriate content on YouTube, we have some advice for you.

29 Aug 2022 min read

Apple flaws put company networks at risk

Plus, Zoom patches and repatches, while Twitter tests a new feature.

26 Aug 2022 min read

What is vishing and how do I protect myself against it?

While there are a variety of vishing methods, the most common have recently centered on the theft of financial information or government IDs.

24 Aug 2022 min read

Businesses get a new layer of protection with Avast Ransomware Shield

In light of evolving threats, businesses can rely on Avast’s Ransomware Shield for uninterrupted access to their systems and data.

24 Aug 2022 min read

Back to school: Shopping cybersecurity 101

Learn your school’s policy regarding students’ computers and mobile devices, warn your kids about phishing, and be wary of public Wi-Fi.

23 Aug 2022 min read

We’re in the midst of a scamdemic — here’s what to do about it

Scams are reaching New Zealanders and Australians via multiple communications channels on a weekly basis.

23 Aug 2022 min read

Keyboard warriors: Why Millennials are more likely to engage in trolling

The internet can feel like the whole world sometimes, but it’s actually just a small portion of it. So before you start to sound off online, take a breath.

22 Aug 2022 min read

Fitbit’s having a bad summer

Plus, Signal’s security gets tested and SOVA emerges scarier than ever.

19 Aug 2022 min read

Back to school shopping: Security and privacy software

It’s that time of the year again. Are your kids’ devices ready for school?

18 Aug 2022 min read

The majority of Americans have been targeted by online scammers

To help ensure that you don’t become the victim of an online scammer, here are six common types of internet scams and how to avoid them.

18 Aug 2022 min read

Back to school: 7 tips for improving your middle schooler's digital literacy

As our kids grow over the summer, so does their online fluency. Here are some tips for working digital literacy into your back to school plans this year.

17 Aug 2022 min read