Apple shuts down spyware with Lockdown Mode

Plus, Hunter Biden is hacked again and the AFF dive into deep tech.

15 Jul 2022 min read

Raising tech abuse awareness with a digital break-up kit

Our kit aims to empower women to take control of their devices and enable them to enjoy their digital freedom.

13 Jul 2022 min read

Avast Pride

Diversity and inclusion is a big part of what makes Avast special. Here’s how we celebrated Pride Month.

11 Jul 2022 min read

A new way to fight Office macro-based malware

Microsoft has made it a bit harder ⁠— and more confusing ⁠— for macro viruses to proliferate with a recent change to its default macro security policies.

8 Jul 2022 min read

How to safely make online friends

The best way to help kids make good decisions is by giving them the skills to keep themselves safe.

7 Jul 2022 min read

Protect yourself and your loved ones from medical scams

Learn to protect yourself from DME fraud and medical identity theft.

4 Jul 2022 min read

Independence Day: W3C strikes a blow for digital freedom

Yesterday, the W3C approved Decentralized Identifiers as a new web standard. Here's what it means for digital freedom.

1 Jul 2022 min read

Facial recognition in Oz

Plus, there’s a RAT in the router and Dragonbridge fires off misinformation.

1 Jul 2022 min read

If you were a queer girl in the 2000s, you were on LiveJournal

LiveJournal's popularity showed that there’s just something so human — so elemental — about the need to find and connect with like-minded people.

30 Jun 2022 min read

New deepfake video effort discovered

The mayor-to-mayor video calls are a warning to us all to not accept things without some proper vetting.

29 Jun 2022 min read

Kids are forming hacking groups online. Here's what to do about it.

The digital world comes with its own unique opportunities and potential dangers. But you, as the parent, have the tools to guide your kids and teens in the right direction.

28 Jun 2022 min read

Malware-as-a-service is spreading among teens

The Lunar malware builders aren’t unique: There are many varieties of “grabber builders” available online.

28 Jun 2022 min read

ToddyCat claws at Asian governments

Plus, Yodel gets hacked and Microsoft puts the kibosh on AI that reads emotion.

24 Jun 2022 min read