Your next online dating match might actually be ChatGPT

Luis Corrons 4 Oct 2023

Researchers at Avast have uncovered a romance scam that utilizes ChatGPT to increase the believability of their online dating conversations.

Ah, the world of online dating! Where else can you find a potential soulmate while lounging in your pajamas? But the realm of online dating, once a straightforward space, has become a complex web of deception: We've uncovered a tool that's been craftily creating deceptive profiles across numerous dating platforms.  

 But this isn't just about fake profiles; this tool can engage unsuspecting individuals in conversation, bypass security measures, and cleverly conceal its online activities. What makes us more concerned is its use of ChatGPT to produce eerily authentic-sounding conversations. Given its reliance on this chat technology, we've nicknamed this tool “Love-GPT." 

Meet Love-GPT: The charmer of the digital age 

This tool has been around for over a decade, but it wasn't until a few months ago that it integrated OpenAI's technology. This new integration took the tool’s capabilities to a new level, giving Love-GPT a voice that resonates with authenticity. It can discuss your favorite movies, empathize with your daily struggles, and even share fictional memories that tug at your heartstrings. It doesn't just mimic human interaction; it crafts it, creating conversations so genuine that even the most discerning of us might be fooled.  

The many faces of Love-GPT 

From Tinder to OkCupid, Love-GPT is the chameleon of the dating world. One moment it's a passionate poet on Bumble, and the next, it's a travel enthusiast on Zoosk. Its adaptability is commendable, but it's also its most deceptive trait.   

So, while you might be chuckling at a witty exchange, remember to always be a little bit suspicious. And with the power of AI, who knows where it'll pop up next? Today it's dating apps, tomorrow it might be that online book club you just joined. This is a list of services that we found had been targeted by Love-GPT in alphabetical order: 

  • Ashley Madison 
  • Badoo 
  • Bumble 
  • Craigslist 
  • DuyenSo 
  • Facebook Dating 
  • MeetMe 
  • OkCupid 
  • Plenty of Fish (POF) 
  • Tagged 
  • Tinder 
  • Zoosk 

Guarding your digital heart 

 While the technological prowess of Love-GPT is undoubtedly impressive, it's crucial to approach online dating with caution. Here are some protective measures to consider: 

  • Trust, but verify: If a conversation feels too perfect or a profile too polished, do some digging. A quick reverse image search can reveal if that profile picture is borrowed from elsewhere. 
  • Stay vigilant: Bots like Love-GPT thrive on our desire for connection. Be wary of profiles that seem too eager to share personal stories or ask for personal information. 
  • Prioritize safety: Never share personal details like your home address, workplace, or financial information with someone you've just met online, no matter how genuine they seem. 

The digital landscape is ever evolving, and as tools like Love-GPT become more sophisticated, the line between reality and deception will continue to blur. But by staying informed and vigilant, we can navigate the world of online dating safely. Remember, genuine human connection is irreplaceable, and no chatbot—no matter how advanced—can truly replicate the depth of human emotion.  

If you’d like to learn more, check out our technical article on Decoded, detailing the intricate workings and full capabilities of Love-GPT. 

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