One wrong click can devastate your small business: so what can you do?

Jan Mazal 26 Feb 2024

Avast Business Web Control can help keep your business safer online

In our fast-paced online world, small businesses face a real challenge when it comes to protecting employees’ web browsing. Without the right tools, enforcing internal policies to safeguard your company against cyberthreats and bolster compliance can be a daunting task.  

Luckily, a tool like Web domain and content filtering is quite efficient and works quietly in the background, helping make your business’ online journey more stress-free. 

Controlling online activities as a means of prevention 

For small businesses, maintaining control over employees' internet activities is crucial. One careless click that triggers a successful cyberattack can ultimately have huge financial implications.  

There are different ways to tackle this, but it’s most beneficial to combine multiple protective technologies.  

Security benefits of web content filtering 
Enriched by the ability to recognize malicious domains, some advanced web domain and content filtering solutions, like Avast Business Web Control, can act as a proactive shield, helping block access to phishing and infected websites. 

This is important not only from the perspective of helping to protect your business from the negative impacts of your employees' online activities, but also to help ensure a more secure work environment. 

Safeguarding reputation and compliance 

For many businesses and institutions, adhering to industry standards and legal requirements is critical. Web content filtering tools address this need by enabling you to restrict access to specific types of content, bolstering compliance and reducing reputation risks associated with exposure to not-safe-for-work (NSFW) material. 

Whether you're seeking e-Rate discounts or aiming to uphold a professional digital environment, this is a prerequisite to help safeguard your brand and better keep your business in line with industry regulations.  

Reduce social media and data breach risks 

Many companies freely allow their employees to occasionally visit social media sites. However, there are situations where controlling access to these platforms makes a lot of sense.  

With web domain filtering, you can limit social media usage to boost productivity and help ensure that employee opinions diverging from your company's values don't get posted from business devices and during working hours. 

It can also act as one of the barriers against sensitive data breaches by blocking access to online file-sharing services through web browsers.  

Boost employee productivity by eliminating distractions 

In today's digital age, employees may find themselves distracted by non-work-related online activities. Web domain filtering helps support employees' productivity by restricting access to non-productive websites, such as online gaming or video streaming. This not only reduces distractions but also enhances overall workplace efficiency. 

Save internet speed for work 

Bandwidth is a valuable resource for small businesses, and unnecessary online activities can put a strain on it. Web content filtering enables you to control web usage by restricting access to traffic-intensive online activities, such as video streaming or peer-to-peer file sharing. This ensures a smoother, more efficient operation without compromising your internet speed. 

Why small businesses need control over web activity 

Web domain and content filtering is a powerful tool for small businesses that want to fortify their cybersecurity. From helping to protect against cyberthreats and maintaining compliance to optimizing bandwidth and supporting employee productivity, the benefits are substantial.   

User-friendly, security driven, and immediately accessible 

Avast Business understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses, which is why we've added a Web Control feature as part of our Avast Business Premium Business Security and Avast Business Ultimate Business security solutions. 

This product helps empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape more securely. It’s easy to use, and requires no advanced technical skills for setup and deployment. You can even try it for free with a 30-day trial.  

What makes Web Control different

Avast Business Web Control has a diverse variety of benefits, even if you're not interested in filtering browser traffic. By integrating Avast's advanced threat technology, Web Control helps restrict traffic to malicious domains even before the webpage loads, helping to ensure safer browsing for your employees. This proactive approach to security is what makes Web Control a compelling option to activate in your business environment, regardless of your content filtering intentions. 

Sign in to your Business Hub or start a 30-day free trial, and get Web Control working for you today. Experience the difference it can make in helping to secure and streamline your online business operations. 

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