Introducing Avast One Platinum

Avast 9 Mar 2023

With this comprehensive package, people can enjoy greater protection from new and evolving threats as well as 24/7 premium technical support for IT issues around the home.

Like great home security systems, great cybersecurity is largely invisible. You want it to do its thing, running in the background, silently protecting you and your family. The only time you should be aware of it is when something goes wrong—and, even then, a great system will take the next steps to protect you.  

We all know what that looks like with a home security system—video doorbells, alarms, direct connections with the local police, etc.—but what does that look like with cybersecurity?  

That’s where Avast One Platinum comes in. This new offering (our most comprehensive to date) combines the full feature set of Avast One Family with identity monitoring and protection, identity theft resolution and reimbursement, and premium technical support, providing you with the control and reassurance you need for your digital life and the digital lives of your family members. 

"The new Avast One Platinum tier is a step-change improvement to the award-winning Avast One integrated solution,” Leena Elias, Chief Product Officer at Avast’s parent company, Gen, says. "Platinum represents the best and most comprehensive Avast offer to date. It combines device protection, privacy, performance, and utilities capabilities and now adds identity theft protection and tech support.” 

With this comprehensive package, people can enjoy greater protection from new and evolving threats as well as 24/7 premium technical support for IT issues around the home. In addition to the device protection, online privacy, and performance features of Avast One Family, Avast One Platinum includes new identity protection and restoration services, including: 

  • Premium Tech Support: Provides users with personalized help and remote support for any Avast product as well as all IT issues with phones, laptops, or printers with a dedicated hotline to Avast’s tech experts 24/7. 

  • Dark Web Monitoring and Alerts: Monitors for personal and financial data, such as banking information, driver’s licenses, IDs, passports, and social security numbers, and notifies users if this information is found on the dark web. 

  • Identity Theft Reimbursement: Provides coverage of up to $2 million in reimbursement* in the event of identity theft, including recovering certain lost wages, stolen funds, and certain out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • Social Media Monitoring: Monitors for bullying and violent, profane, or scam-related posts that indicate account compromise. 

  • 3 Bureau Credit Report Monitoring: Monitors credit files from three leading credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, and notifies about key changes such as new account openings, credit inquiries, exceeding credit limits, and missed payments. 

  • Lost Wallet Protection: Allows people to cancel and replace credit, debit, and ATM cards to stop fraudulent charges in the event their wallet is lost or stolen. 
  • Restoration Support: provides access to certified protection experts for troubleshooting and resolving identity theft issues, with assistance also available to initiate a credit freeze or dispute fraudulent credit report activity. 

But what does that look like in real life? Well, Social Media Monitoring would have protected the nearly 1 million people who reported their Instagram accounts hacked in 2022. Credit Report Monitoring could have protected John Smith, a recent immigrant to the US with a super common name, from having his identity stolen. And, if his identity was still stolen, Restoration Support would have greatly reduced the amount of time he had to spend solving the problem 

And, of course, Platinum features all the “behind-the-scenes" protection that you’ve come to expect from Avast. You can rest assured that we’re constantly scanning the Dark Web to catch any of your stolen or leaked personal info before it can be used to steal from you; we’re keeping an eye on your credit; and we’ve got your back if anything goes wrong. 

The service is available now in the US and compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms, protecting up to six family members and a total of 30 devices. Subscriptions are available for $249.99 per year. Visit our website to learn more about Avast One Platinum and to subscribe. 

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