Putting privacy values into practice

Avastians embed fundamental privacy values into their work by developing a “privacy rule of THUMB”

17 Nov 2020 min read

Avast launches iOS browser and syncing for secure browsing across all your devices

Announcing Avast Secure Browser for iOS, as well as the ability to sync bookmarks and browser history across devices

17 Nov 2020 min read

Q&A with Avast’s Chief Privacy Officer, Shane McNamee

Discussing goals for policymaking, regulation, data protection and Avast's role in the digital privacy landscape

17 Nov 2020 min read

Avast's new bug bounty program offers up to thousands for reports

Our revamped program comes with straightforward rules and added features

9 Nov 2020 min read

Leaning in to successful and secure work from anywhere

How Avast and other companies get the basics right when making the shift to secure remote work

3 Nov 2020 min read

Your data is for sale from election data brokers

How to stay protected against middlemen who sell your data collections

28 Oct 2020 min read

Avast Free Antivirus named “Best Consumer Anti-Malware”

SE Labs awarded the software its top honor for “consistently strong results”

27 Oct 2020 min read

Tackling bias in AI algorithms

Should we hold machines at higher standards than those of humans?

19 Oct 2020 min read

Global audience made this year's virtual CyberSec&AI Connected a success

The 2020 digital edition of Avast's annual conference brought together AI and cybersecurity communities

15 Oct 2020 min read

From planes to AI, Allan Thomson has been playing wargames for decades

Introducing Avast's Chief Architect of Threat Defense Technology

8 Oct 2020 min read

Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected is happening this week

Final preparations are underway for Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected conference, a virtual event for academics and cybersecurity professionals

6 Oct 2020 min read

What's new in 5G network architecture?

Key advancements in the network architecture of 5G mean services with added value for operators and users alike

29 Sep 2020 min read

Avast Smart Life for 5G protects connected devices at the network level

Avast Smart Life for 5G allows carriers to offer new in-home and on-the-go security services, protecting IoT devices, handsets and sensitive data

24 Sep 2020 min read