Garry Kasparov talks AI and privacy ahead of Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected

Garry Kasparov, Chess Grandmaster and renowned commentator on human rights, AI, and cybersecurity, looks ahead to his appearance at Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected this October

23 Jul 2020 min read

Avast relocates Hong Kong VPN servers

Safeguarding fundamental privacy rights is our top priority

22 Jul 2020 min read

Avast CEO interviews COVID-19 expert Dr. Nick Cammack

Dr. Nick Cammack of Wellcome Therapeutics Accelerator joins Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek to discuss progress on treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 and more

17 Jul 2020 min read

Garry on Lockdown – Episode 3

It’s the FREE SPEECH episode! UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh joins Garry to explain free speech in America at this unprecedented moment in history

9 Jul 2020 min read

Smart home security solved with a word

And that word is “microsegmentation”

23 Jun 2020 min read

Garry on Lockdown – Episode 2

Author and Lecturer Molly McKew joins Garry to explain misinformation, disinformation, and how to stem the flow of each

22 Jun 2020 min read

Ondrej and Garry Take the Virtual Stage at Collision

Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek and Avast Security Ambassador Garry Kasparov speak to the industry about privacy at next week’s tech conference

20 Jun 2020 min read

Take control of your information online with new Avast BreachGuard

Our new privacy software prevents the spread and abuse of your personal data

16 Jun 2020 min read

New virtual format of Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected conference excites CTO

This year’s CyberSec&AI Connected conference has a new online format, allowing AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity experts from around the world to come together, no matter where they are. Avast’s CTO Michal Pechoucek reveals why the new set up excites him.

11 Jun 2020 min read

Garry on Lockdown – Episode 1

Special guest Avast CTO Michael Pechoucek joins Garry to discuss remote working, AI, and the controversy of being tracked

5 Jun 2020 min read

Avast's CyberSec&AI 2019- The 'Event of the Year'

In 2019, Avast launched the annual CyberSec&AI conference to help bring the AI and cybersecurity community together. With the 2020 edition just announced, here’s a quick recap of last year’s event award-winning event.

28 May 2020 min read

“Garry on Lockdown” video premiere

Our new video series explores cybersecurity, privacy, human rights, AI, and more

26 May 2020 min read

Deep learning for Security at the IEEE Symposium

From May 18-21, learn the latest about security and privacy at this virtual event

18 May 2020 min read