Garry on Lockdown – Episode 5

It’s the “cancel culture” episode, where Garry is joined by author Thomas Chatterton Williams to discuss today’s furor over free speech

9 Sep 2020 min read

Our fully converged solution for the modern-day user’s needs

Modern-day consumers require modern-day solutions

8 Sep 2020 min read

Avast supports The Shadowserver Foundation's mission to make the internet more secure

Avast donates $500,000 to ensure ongoing cybersecurity community partnership

8 Sep 2020 min read

Technical workshop announced for Avast’s AI and cybersecurity conference

Researchers, academics, and tech professionals from around the world to lead an in-depth workshop at Avast’s upcoming virtual conference

3 Sep 2020 min read

Avast joins IWF to fight child abuse

We are proudly joining the Internet Watch Foundation to help eradicate all child sex abuse imagery online

1 Sep 2020 min read

5G fixed wireless access means big change for home internet connection

With 5G FWA allowing larger bandwidth and low latency, high-speed internet can be more accessible across cities and rural areas alike.

27 Aug 2020 min read

Roger Dingledine of Tor Project talks privacy and COVID-19 apps

A key figure at the heart of the debate around online privacy, Dingledine gives us his views on staying safe in the age of Covid

13 Aug 2020 min read

IDC reports how network operators can offer holistic digital wellness

We're proud to introduce the industry's first unified solution for security, from device to 5G edge

11 Aug 2020 min read

We’re putting Avast Passwords on hold. Here’s why.

Plus, what the future holds for Passwords at Avast

5 Aug 2020 min read

Converged security solutions provide you with seamless protection

Fully converged router and end-point solutions allow device security for users wherever, whenever, and however they choose to connect

4 Aug 2020 min read

Garry on Lockdown – Episode 4

In our new episode, Avast Head of AI Rajarshi Gupta joins Garry to talk about AI and the upcoming CyberSec&AI Connected conference

31 Jul 2020 min read

Meeting evolving family needs with adaptive product innovation

As technology evolves, providers must keep up to date on the changing needs of families to continue providing valuable services

28 Jul 2020 min read

Garry Kasparov talks AI and privacy ahead of Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected

Garry Kasparov, Chess Grandmaster and renowned commentator on human rights, AI, and cybersecurity, looks ahead to his appearance at Avast’s CyberSec&AI Connected this October

23 Jul 2020 min read