The role of privacy regulation

The relationship between regulators and the regulated is founded on cooperation, not fines

14 Jan 2021 min read

Video: Introducing Avast Hacker Archives

Avast CISO Jaya Baloo unveils famous hackers’ “Aha!” moments in new video series

12 Jan 2021 min read

Garry on Lockdown – Episode 6

Garry Kasparov sits down for a behind-the-scenes interview with The Queen's Gambit creator Scott Frank

23 Dec 2020 min read

Shadowserver and Avast are defending the internet together

Two forces come together with the joint goal of improving the safety of the online world

17 Dec 2020 min read

New browser extension lets you see exactly who’s tracking you online

Stay looped in on the data that third-party companies might be using to profile you

14 Dec 2020 min read

CEPI shares update on Covid-19 vaccine progress

Discussing the Covid-19 vaccine, the new COVAX initiative, and immunization goals for 2021

8 Dec 2020 min read

Privacy in the age of pandemic

From research to expanding our product portfolio, Avast has taken important steps throughout 2020 in support of privacy and data protection

18 Nov 2020 min read

Putting privacy values into practice

Avastians embed fundamental privacy values into their work by developing a “privacy rule of THUMB”

17 Nov 2020 min read

Avast launches iOS browser and syncing for secure browsing across all your devices

Announcing Avast Secure Browser for iOS, as well as the ability to sync bookmarks and browser history across devices

17 Nov 2020 min read

Q&A with Avast’s Chief Privacy Officer, Shane McNamee

Discussing goals for policymaking, regulation, data protection and Avast's role in the digital privacy landscape

17 Nov 2020 min read

Avast's new bug bounty program offers up to thousands for reports

Our revamped program comes with straightforward rules and added features

9 Nov 2020 min read

Leaning in to successful and secure work from anywhere

How Avast and other companies get the basics right when making the shift to secure remote work

3 Nov 2020 min read

Your data is for sale from election data brokers

How to stay protected against middlemen who sell your data collections

28 Oct 2020 min read