Avast launches iOS browser and syncing for secure browsing across all your devices

Jesse Adams 17 Nov 2020

Announcing Avast Secure Browser for iOS, as well as the ability to sync bookmarks and browser history across devices

The Avast Secure Browser team has hit a new milestone on our mission to make true private browsing ubiquitous with the Rainier release of two highly-requested features: Support for iOS and the ability to sync browser history and bookmarks across devices. While already available for Windows, MacOS, and Android, the addition of Avast Secure Browser for iOS seals a large gap of demand in the mobile landscape. In particular, the mobile browser for iOS supports iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS 13.0 and above.

Fast, secure, private: Building the browser of the future

As experienced engineers of consumer security products, at Avast, we believe the web browser of tomorrow is a single platform that curates and simplifies today's fragmented security and privacy services to enable a safer and faster browsing experience — across all devices. Avast Sync, the brand new feature in Avast Secure Browser, accomplishes this by enabling you to synchronize useful browsing info between different devices. For example, if you switch from your Windows desktop over to your iPhone, your browsing history and bookmarks will still be there for you to enjoy. What’s more, the syncing process is fully secured with end-to-end encryption. You can rest assured that you are surfing with maximum protection whether on desktop, laptop, or on-the-go with your mobile device. To take advantage of Sync, log into Avast Secure Browser with your Avast Account. 

How Avast Secure Browser on iOS protects you

One might wonder how the browser of the future protects its customers. The answer is simple. Avast Secure Browser has several straightforward privacy features activated by default. Depending on your settings, we automatically start a VPN connection when you open the browser, creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet to shield your browsing activity from hackers, trackers, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Ads are blocked automatically, allowing websites to load faster so you can browse distraction-free. Downloaded media and files are fully encrypted on disk, too. Should you want to manage your security and privacy settings, that can easily be done in one place from within the app: the Security & Privacy Center. 

Bringing it all together

Avast Secure Browser going multi-platform means we've got you protected across the world's most popular operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and and now iOS. And bringing it all together seamlessly with Avast Sync, allowing you to synchronize your bookmarks and browser history between all your devices, from Desktop to Mobile and vice versa. 

Get started with Avast Sync

Open Avast Secure Browser and click on the top-right person icon (next to the Security & Privacy Center shield) to sign in, using your Avast Account, and to sync all your browser data across all devices.

Find more information on our dedicated Sync page.

If you're ready for a fast and secure browsing experience, get Avast Secure Browser for free. 

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