The easy way to protect yourself from almost all phishing scams

With Avast, you can protect yourself and your personal information from these dangerous scams.

14 Dec 2022 min read

AVAR 2022 kicks off in Singapore

We're presenting some of our top technical research at this year's event.

2 Dec 2022 min read

Avast Threat Labs releases Q3 2022 Threat Report

The report found an increase in PC adware activity, continued chaos caused by cyber criminal gangs, and an increase in ransomware in certain parts of the world by a reduction in the rest of the global market.

2 Nov 2022 min read

Avast commits to becoming a founder of the OpenWallet Foundation

As a first step, Avast joins the newly formed Linux Foundation Europe as an inaugural member.

26 Sep 2022 min read

Avast and NortonLifeLock merge to tackle new challenges in Cyber Safety

Independently successful in delivering digital privacy and security, the companies now combine to pursue a new, joint vision.

12 Sep 2022 min read

Avast joins industry leading foundations to enable global-scale digital trust

Avast joins several prominent digital trust and identity organizations to help people regain control of their digital identities and data.

30 Aug 2022 min read

We’re in the midst of a scamdemic — here’s what to do about it

Scams are reaching New Zealanders and Australians via multiple communications channels on a weekly basis.

23 Aug 2022 min read

Avast One steps up home network protection and digital safety guidance across platforms

Avast One’s Online Safety Score and Network Inspector features strengthen digital protection capabilities on Mac and iOS for people at home and on the go.

3 Aug 2022 min read

Avast SecureLine VPN keeps Indian users safe, preserves privacy

VPNs are designed in part to protect user rights. At Avast, we remain committed to doing all we can to provide our users with secure and private access to the internet.

20 Jul 2022 min read

The Autism@IT Project

Avast celebrates World Autism Awareness Month with educational activities and our Autism@IT mentoring project.

28 Apr 2022 min read

Here’s what to look forward to at CARO Workshop 2022

A Q&A with Conference Chair Luis Corrons about CARO 2022.

27 Apr 2022 min read

Stay protected against scams and online fraud with Avast One’s newest features

The newest additions to the Avast One service help keep scammers away and sensitive data safe.

6 Apr 2022 min read

Avast's response to the war in Ukraine

In support of the Ukrainian people, Avast suspends operations in Russia.

10 Mar 2022 min read