Avast’s commitment to responsible data use

The security and privacy of our users worldwide is Avast’s priority

29 Jan 2020 min read

Is machine learning useful for cybersecurity?

At the Enigma Conference this month in San Francisco, Avast researcher Sadia Afroz answers that question

27 Jan 2020 min read

Avast continues support for Microsoft’s Windows 7 – your questions answered

If you are a user of the operating system and are wondering what will happen to your Avast Free Antivirus or Premium Security, we have good news – and answers to your questions

24 Jan 2020 min read

Hack Cambridge’s young geniuses to take a crack at the Avast Secure Browser

Hackers converge on historic university to tear into challenges from top tech companies, including Avast

13 Jan 2020 min read

A Q&A with the curator of the London Science Museum's exhibit on espionage and cybersecurity

Elizabeth Bruton discusses 'objects on display that have never been seen before'

30 Dec 2019 min read

Avast helps young entrepreneur launch her startup

Melissa Blake won the Avast Sharks Startup Challenge for her company, Sweet Pea Spoons, which will deliver fresh, homemade baby food to families in London suburbs

10 Dec 2019 min read

Get a sneak peek at the hottest gadgets coming to CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is almost here, and you can get a glimpse now at a robot dog, a digital nurse, and the Avast Omni

15 Nov 2019 min read

Top 10 moments from the CyberSec & AI Prague Conference

Avast and Czech Technical University brought attendees topics ranging from hallucinating AI to the machine vs. machine struggle of adversarial algorithms

11 Nov 2019 min read

Avast opens Internet of Things Lab

Dozens of devices, More than 6 kilometers of cables, and a Faraday Cage give researchers a new place to crack open the IoT

8 Nov 2019 min read

Jaya Baloo on the ‘fundamental right’ of cybersecurity – and the joy of facing fears

Avast’s new CISO opens up about the mission that drives her, responding to threats and swimming with sharks

6 Nov 2019 min read

CyberSec & AI Prague explores ways AI can ‘help us to live free, safe and secure’

Speakers and presenters from 11 nations draw an overflow crowd to artificial intelligence cybersecurity conference

25 Oct 2019 min read

New threats face Mac users

The commonly held belief that Macs are immune from danger is being exposed as myth – luckily, there are security solutions

23 Oct 2019 min read

Your creativity secured: How Mac users can protect their masterpieces

Cybercriminals have woken up to the value of hacking Macs, like burglars realizing there is wealth inside art museums

23 Oct 2019 min read