Speakers and presenters from 11 nations gather at sold-out Cybersec & AI Prague

Conference hosted by Avast and the Czech Technical University will look at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

23 Oct 2019 min read

We can use AI to broaden our view, Avast’s new CTO says

Michal Pechoucek, a speaker at CyberSec & AI Prague, believes artificial intelligence can help us break out of a ‘tyranny of convenience’ that limits how we see the world

21 Oct 2019 min read

Avast fights off cyber-espionage attempt, Abiss

Avast deploys hardened self-defense and wider intelligence industry collaboration

21 Oct 2019 min read

Avast’s Robin Selden to speak at WIB Expo on rethinking diversity

Diversity isn’t just the right thing to do – it can also be profitable, rewarding, and inspiring

10 Oct 2019 min read

Avast CEO urges audience to embrace ethical AI at DTX London

Ondrej Vlcek and Garry Kasparov address the evolution of artificial intelligence at the Digital Transformation Expo

10 Oct 2019 min read

Avast Photo Research shows 22% of all photos stored worldwide are bad (Part 2)

Research from nearly 3 billion photos shows how many of our pictures are low-quality or duplicates, and which countries have the highest number of these “bad” photos.

2 Oct 2019 min read

Snap Happy: Avast reveals which countries store the most photos

Research from nearly 3 billion photos shows how many pictures we store on average, which country stores the most, and the number of photos stored by age group.

2 Oct 2019 min read

Laying key foundations for AI’s future

Nicolas Papernot of the University of Toronto sees CyberSec & AI Prague as an opportunity to discuss guiding principles for AI

29 Sep 2019 min read

The internet’s first thing – John Romkey’s ‘smart’ toaster

He knew it was ridiculous – but also realized putting devices online was opening up a whole new world

3 Sep 2019 min read

How researching election hacks since 2006 led to simple solutions

Alex Halderman has dissected the world’s voting machines and reached a surprising conclusion about safeguarding elections

28 Aug 2019 min read

Avast Secure Browser – available for Mac

Our browser is now also available for Mac users in a version that blocks ads and protects against phishing

21 Aug 2019 min read

How Kevin Ashton named The Internet of Things

20 years ago a computer scientist in London needed a title for a slide deck – and came up with a name that stuck

20 Aug 2019 min read

Get complete online protection with Avast Premium Security

Protect the entire family with one product that covers up to 10 devices and works for all platforms

15 Aug 2019 min read