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Deep learning for Security at the IEEE Symposium

Malea Lamb-Hall, 18 May 2020

From May 18-21, learn the latest about security and privacy at this virtual event

The COVID-19 crisis may have caused this year’s IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy to go virtual, but it did nothing to lessen the need for this forum of leading researchers and tech practitioners. If anything, we need it now more than ever. 

Avast is a proud sponsor of the 4-day online event, which runs from Monday, May 18th through Thursday, May 21st. The first three days are packed with presentations, and the final day is a robust workshop on deep learning.  

Amidst all the symposium’s presentations, the industry’s greatest minds also release research papers that share new learnings. Avast recently published two papers– one on machine learning and what must be done to make it robust enough for security, and the other on the prevalence of IoT devices in the typical home and, worse, the prevalence of weak credentials being used to protect them. 

Machine learning and AI are two of our favorite tools at Avast. We use them to protect our users’ privacy and keep them safe from cyberattacks. But as an industry, we’ve only scratched the surface of AI’s potential. Now with the advent of artificial neural networks, what’s next for machine learning? How do we harness its potential for doing good while staying protected from active adversaries continually trying to fool machine learning? How can we make sure it is fair and does not leak our private information? These topics are the focus of what promises to be a fascinating deep learning workshop on May 21st. 

Avast will be present through the entire IEEE event to talk about the benefits of technology and how we use it to keep people and businesses safe online. As a society, we may or may not get back to normal soon, which makes this a very good time to be educated in the latest online threats and protections. You could say it’s virtually essential.