Avast joins prpl Foundation furthering our commitment to creating secure connected environments

Leena Elias 6 May 2020

Avast’s membership with the prpl Foundation will help drive standardization for IoT solutions and create safer digital experiences.

We are pleased to announce Avast’s investment and membership in prpl Foundation. The prpl Foundation strives to enable “high-velocity, service-driven innovation on customer-premises equipment by harmonizing interfaces in open APIs and delivering open-source reference implementations of common infrastructure.”

Joining this industry-defining organization gives us an important seat at the table to provide our thought leadership and help drive the standardization effort alongside our carrier partners and peer organizations. Our membership and participation in the prpl working groups demonstrates our commitment to investing in the development of IoT solutions. Avast will contribute to prpl’s mission by participating in requirement definition and software development of a standard set of APIs, enabling secure interoperability of connected devices and services. 

At Avast, we strive to create safer digital experiences. As the number of connected devices, frequency of connection, bandwidth per connection, and types of devices all continue to accelerate, we are dedicated in creating a solution that can keep consumers protected across the entire spectrum. Our membership into the prpl Foundation puts us one step closer to realizing that vision. 

“Avast brings many years of expertise in the security space to the table.” says Bob Ferreira, President of the prpl Foundation. “As we move forward into highly connected ecosystems, it’s imperative to ensure that those systems are built with security in mind. We are excited to have Avast at the table to bring their leading capabilities to help architect the secure, connected world of our future.” 

About Smart Life

Historically, cybersecurity was an endpoint software industry where companies developed products that kept devices protected. But today, where device connections are increasing in volume and variety, consumers need a solution that transcends devices and networks.    

Smart Life, an award-winning AI-powered solution, brings together security, privacy, and digital wellness for operators to provide to their customers. The solution is deployed at a variety of levels to ensure seamless and comprehensive protection:

  • On-Device: important for devices that will connect to public and unsecure networks
  • On-Router: powerful security for all connected devices in and around the home
  • On-Gateway: 5G-ready deployment keeping mobile devices secure on-the-go

To learn more about Smart Life or how Avast can keep your customers safe, visit avast.com/partners.

To learn more about the prpl Foundation, visit prplfoundation.org.

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