Garry on Lockdown – Episode 2

Malea Lamb-Hall 22 Jun 2020

Author and Lecturer Molly McKew joins Garry to explain misinformation, disinformation, and how to stem the flow of each

Since it began, Avast Security Ambassador Garry Kasparov has been observing the world in lockdown from his home in New York. Noting the seismic shifts in our work cultures, tech practices, and day-to-day living, Garry soon saw the need for a forum where these topics could be discussed from a grounded, sensible angle. With nothing but time on his hands and a strong drive to connect with the community, “Garry on Lockdown” was born, a video series that addresses the pressing technical questions of this unique moment in history.

In the series’ second episode, Garry tackles the timely topic of misinformation. How do we stay safe and informed when the art of misleading the public and spreading lies has been so perfected? How do we know which sources to trust and which to avoid? Garry addresses these questions and more, providing his quick, handy tips for good digital hygiene. 

A specialist on information warfare and propaganda, author and lecturer Molly McKew joins Garry to explain the difference between misinformation and disinformation. She and Garry delve into the proliferation of conspiracy theories, the role social media plays in that effort, and what the average person can do to retain truth and clarity through all the confusion. 

Garry ends the episode by answering viewers’ questions and offering his guidance on how we can all survive this trying time with our priorities and our sanity intact. 

Check out Episode 2 of “Garry on Lockdown” below!


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