“Garry on Lockdown” video premiere

Malea Lamb-Hall 26 May 2020

Our new video series explores cybersecurity, privacy, human rights, AI, and more

The world famous Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov has been an Avast Security Ambassador for over three years. And now, as he observes coronavirus lockdown restrictions from his Manhattan home, he is launching a video series to discuss the advanced technological trends arising from this unique worldwide situation. 

In “Garry on Lockdown,” Garry explores human rights in the digital domain, tackling the topics of online privacy, AI, robots, and the future of technology. Always a popular speaker at live events, Garry likes to inspire, motivate, and challenge people. 

“Every crisis forces us to confront issues we thought and hoped we had plenty of time to prepare for,” notes Garry, adding that some much-debated concepts like robots in the workplace and self-driving cars would be particularly helpful at this moment in time. He explores the sense and sensibilities of other pertinent crisis topics as well, such as universal basic income (UBI) and cybersecurity for workers at home. 

With no upcoming travel or conferences on his calendar, the timing is perfect for our beloved cyber guru to interact with the community on video. The first episode of “Garry on Lockdown” premieres soon here on the Avast Blog, as well as on YouTube. 

Garry will also be responding to viewers’ questions in the series. If you’d like your question answered on video, tweet it to us with the hashtag #AskGarry.

Check out Garry’s introduction to the series below! 


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