Avast Android App Report reveals: These apps crush your phone’s battery

Our new Android App Report explains what your favorite apps are doing to your smartphone’s performance.

13 Feb 2018 min read

Optimize for cleaner, faster PC performance

Three tips to a faster, cleaner computer

12 Jan 2018 min read

A much-needed wake-up call: “Sleep Mode” for slow PCs

What was true 20 years ago remains true today: the more you use your PC & the more programs you install, the slower it becomes. Finally, we have the solution.

28 Dec 2017 min read

All-new Avast Cleanup Premium: The most powerful PC tuner we’ve ever built

Our twenty-year experience with PC optimization culminates in the new Avast Cleanup Premium—a fully revamped product designed to fix, clean up, & speed up PCs.

20 Dec 2017 min read

Attack of the clones: Fighting duplicates with our new Avast Cleanup Pro

File duplicates are a bigger deal than you might think. No worries, Avast Cleanup Pro tracks them down for you.

16 Nov 2017 min read

New Avast Cleanup Pro: Give your Mac the ultimate “cleanover”

Macs never slow down, never crash, and never get cluttered, right? Wrong. Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac keeps your Mac clean and fresh.

8 Nov 2017 min read

Is your browser getting exploited for cryptocurrency mining?

Beware of websites with cryptominer embedded as it could impact your computer speed while you lend your CPU resources to help mine cryptocurrency.

14 Oct 2017 min read

Enjoy premium PC security, privacy and performance with Avast Ultimate

It’s here! Our premium bundle of PC security, privacy, and performance products for the person who wants it all without having to juggle it all.

6 Oct 2017 min read

Is your Android device getting sluggish? Find the culprits in our list of performance-draining apps

Avast reveals the Android apps that drain your battery, eat up your storage and use the most of your monthly data plan.

14 Aug 2017 min read

Welcome Piriform to Avast!

Avast welcomes Piriform, creator of CCleaner, to its team.

19 Jul 2017 min read

Top 5 ways to speed up your Windows 10 computer

Don’t settle for sluggish starts and slow programs just because your computer isn’t brand-new. These 5 tips will keep your Windows PC running like it’s day one.

23 May 2017 min read

4 best tips to speed up a slow PC

Does booting up your PC mean you can grab a coffee and take a bathroom break? Follow these 4 quick tips to get even an old PC back up to speed.

20 Apr 2017 min read

Investigation of regular high load on unused machines every 7 hours

Regular high load every 7 hours: Finding out how Linux measures load value.

8 Nov 2016 min read