Enjoy premium PC security, privacy and performance with Avast Ultimate

Daniel Ryzman 6 Oct 2017

It’s here! Our premium bundle of PC security, privacy, and performance products for the person who wants it all without having to juggle it all.

October is Cybersecurity Month, so there is no better time to introduce
Avast Ultimate, a premium bundle of our greatest security, performance, and privacy solutions.

Cybercrime has been rapidly evolving as criminals continue to develop more sophisticated malware and find new ways to attack. It’s gotten easier for them to attack your webcam, to hack a public Wi-Fi connection, to steal your passwords, to launch viruses, botnets, spyware, ransomware, bloatware, and more. The positive side of all this is that effective next-gen cybersecurity has not only been keeping pace with today’s malware, but staying one step ahead of it.

A comprehensive solution

Avast Ultimate is our premium bundle of products, and it gives you everything you need to stay protected from those threats listed above plus much more. In addition to safeguarding your system and securing your privacy, it also improves your PC’s performance! We’ve curated this bundle of Avast products as our premium subscription, offering the very best of our security, privacy, and utility software.

What is in Avast Ultimate?

We’ve included an antivirus to fight off malware, a VPN to protect your online privacy, and programs to get the ultimate in password protection online and to speed up and tune up your PC, all in one comprehensive bundle that costs almost half of what each item would cost individually—a $210 value for just $120.

Here’s a breakdown of the Avast Ultimate components:

  • Avast Premier—our next-gen antivirus protects your PC and your home network from malware, spyware and zero-second threats with smart cloud-based detection. It comes with Ransomware Shield and Webcam Shield technology, two extra layers of protection that stop criminals from holding your files for ransom or hijacking your webcam.

  • Avast SecureLine VPN—one simple click hides everything you do online under a 256-bit, bank grade encryption. So you can browse, bank, and shop online in complete privacy and security, away from hackers, credit card stealers, nosey neighbors, or curious government agencies. It also unlocks your favorite videos from all over the world.

  • Avast Cleanup Premium—the ultimate PC junk-blaster keeps your computer fast, clean and efficient. One-click maintenance takes care of 6 critical cleaning and tuning tasks, including automatic daily cleanings, shortcut, disk and browser cleaner, and bloatware removal to keep your PC up to speed at all times. Enjoy that faster boot time, big time.

  • Avast Passwords Premium—managing your online accounts has never been this easy or this safe. One password is all you need to manage all accounts across all your devices and autofill your login details safely, whether at home or on the go. Password Guardian keeps an eye out for possible account leaks, One-Touch Login allows you to just tap your phone and go, and Credit Card feature gives you a safe and secure way to auto-fill your card info.

This convenient, easy-to-manage subscription is the only thing you need to look after your PC like a pro. Let Cybersecurity Month inspire you to keep your data safe, your computer fast, and your online browsing private. Learn more at the Avast Ultimate web page.

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