BA website hijacked by Magecart. Again.

185,000 transaction details including names, addresses and card CVV numbers stolen.

26 Oct 2018 min read

US parries Russian propaganda & Magecart casts a dark spell on Magento

Yahoo pays up to settle 2 year old debacle and Avast is PCMag’s Editors Pick for 2018.

26 Oct 2018 min read

Seven new Mirai variants and the aspiring cybercriminal behind them

Two years after Mirai, botnets have become the playthings of script kids

25 Oct 2018 min read

Ad network scams

Avast Threat Labs finds Android device firmware that reroutes ad network revenue to unknown accounts.

24 Oct 2018 min read

Inside the industry of cybercrime | Avast

Learn about the dark world of cybercrime as malware developers, scammers, and thieves continue expanding this billion-dollar illegal industry.

20 Oct 2018 min read

MikroTik mayhem: Cryptomining campaign abusing routers

Computing power of computers, smartphones and smart TVs connected to vulnerable routers abused to mine cryptocurrency

19 Oct 2018 min read

Avast pumps protection, unique Do Not Disturb performance switch, and privacy in 2019

New and improved security features include stronger anti-phishing tech, Do Not Disturb mode, and the super-protective Sensitive Data Shield.

10 Oct 2018 min read

Block puzzles open the door to malware

Several block puzzle games in the Google Play Store now come with a side of malware.

9 Oct 2018 min read

Trojans go after MS Office vulnerabilities and China hacks US hardware

Infected MS Office files abound and a tiny Chinese chip at the center of massive new conspiracy

5 Oct 2018 min read

7 new modules for VPNFilter malware, Hide & Seek botnet targets Android, and House Oversight takes on AI

VPNFilter gets powerful updates and latest IoT botnet can now corrupt Android devices.

28 Sep 2018 min read

Torii botnet - Not another Mirai variant

New, more sophisticated IoT botnet targets a wide range of devices

27 Sep 2018 min read

Why is my Android phone heating up?

The Avast Guide to Android Apps Part 3 explains what causes Android phones to get so hot and what you can do about it.

24 Sep 2018 min read

All-in-one malware out, GovPayNow drops the ball on security, and more

All-in-one malware poses as ransomware, new cold-boot attack steals while your PC sleeps, 14 million government records leaked, and Newegg suffers a crack.

21 Sep 2018 min read