The Menacing 7: Today’s worst social media scams

Learn to recognize and avoid the most common malicious schemes terrorizing newsfeeds everywhere.

24 Mar 2019 min read

Malware with more might and other weekly security news

An infamous cybergang, a notorious botnet, and new phishing scams continue to do their best to ruin your day.

22 Mar 2019 min read

Watch out for these “Brexit” scams

Phishers and other scammers are using Brexit as bait — don’t get caught in their net.

20 Mar 2019 min read

The enduring scourge of malvertising rears up anew

Threat actors are gaming the online advertising ecosystem to silently spread malware like never before; why it’s up to you to protect yourself.

18 Mar 2019 min read

ICE under fire, SimBad the epic malware, and more weekly news

The ACLU accuses ICE of skirting the law, over 200 malware-infected Android apps are discovered, a bank bot gets a major evil upgrade, and more.

15 Mar 2019 min read

Adware hiding behind beauty filters on Google Play Store

Our mobile threat intelligence platform flagged three beauty apps that have ugly consequences. Over 2 million devices have downloaded these apps.

14 Mar 2019 min read

Q&A: Cybersecurity has become a primal battleground for AI one-upmanship

A discussion of how – and why – adversaries are using artificial intelligence to juice up malicious activities

13 Mar 2019 min read

New cybersecurity tools take a bite out of cybercrime

Chronicle teams up with Avast on a new platform and the NSA gives a gift to the cybersecurity community plus more security news.

8 Mar 2019 min read

Chronicle, a new Alphabet Company, partners with Avast

The power of joining forces to tackle the most difficult cybersecurity problems

4 Mar 2019 min read

Data breach chaos and a new spooky Spectre

In this week’s cybernews, TurboTax responds to breach claims, your WebEx meeting could be at risk, and a new threat haunts processing chips.

1 Mar 2019 min read

Build “better” ideas for a safer world at RSA 2019

Join Avast and the rest of the security world at RSA next week in San Francisco’s Moscone Center

27 Feb 2019 min read

Triple breach week

Not one, not two, but three data breaches this some real bad ads.

22 Feb 2019 min read

Spoofing in the reeds with Rietspoof

We’re tracking a new cyberthreat that combines file formats to create a more versatile malware.

16 Feb 2019 min read