Build “better” ideas for a safer world at RSA 2019

Robin Selden 27 Feb 2019

Join Avast and the rest of the security world at RSA next week in San Francisco’s Moscone Center

We’re counting down the last few days to RSA 2019, where Avast’s cybersecurity team will join more than 50,000 people at Moscone Center from March 4 - 8. This year’s theme is 2019: Better, a message that “ensuring a brighter future requires all of us — everyone from the C-suite to those of us on the front lines — to be better today.” At Avast, we’re dedicated to that promise by creating a world that provides safety and privacy for all.

If you’re attending RSA, swing by our booth #5771 in the North Hall and experience first-hand how Avast security and privacy products keep hundreds of millions of people safe. You’ll also learn why cloud-based security is not only essential for protecting your business in today’s world, but is also significantly easier to deploy and manage than current solutions.  We will explore important, relevant topics in business cybersecurity, including today’s evolving threat landscape, the porous network perimeter, and action items your business can take TODAY to stay protected. And, while you’re there, check out our giant threat-intelligence globe showing real-time threats as they travel from continent to continent – a must-see. Here’s everything we’ve got lined up for the week.

Whack-a-Hack at happy hour

On Monday evening, please join us at our booth for a Pilsner, and to show us your Whack-a-Hack skills. Our threat intelligence researchers will be on hand to answer any questions you might have and share their best tips on how to ensure you’re always on the winning side.

Hear Ondrej Vlcek speak on corporate IoT threats @ the IoT Sandbox

With BYOIoT devices popping up on corporate networks in the thousands, a vulnerable device or broken protocol can wreak havoc on any company’s system. Such devices are also easy pickings for hackers.

Come see Ondrej Vlcek, president of our Consumer Division, live-demo an attack on consumer IoT in a “secure” office environment. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to fight back, too. Ondrej’s session, Shadow IoT Hacking the Corporate Environment: Office as the New Smart Home, is happening Wednesday, March 6 at 9:00 - 9:30 am in the IoT Sandbox at the Marriott Hotel.

Learn how our cloud-based security solutions protect your business

Don’t miss Gill Langston, senior product manager, speaking on the topic From Endpoint to Any Point: Defending the New Perimeter with Cloud-based Security on Thursday, March 7th from 12:40 - 1:10 pm in the North Briefing Center.  Gill is responsible for the strategy and product roadmap, as well as defining features and services for the CloudCare platform. He’s intensely interested in learning how others address their business cybersecurity challenges, so drop by, exchange war stories, and learn why Avast Business cloud-based security solutions are likely the answer to your security issues.  Learn more about cloud security | Blog posts by Gill

Come see live demos, predictions, & hacks

Businesses know that layered security is critical, but to achieve full protection, most companies  combine point solutions with on-prem hardware appliances. This approach not only delivers inadequate protection, but it’s expensive and a management nightmare. Join us at our booth and learn about our cloud-based endpoint and network security solutions, including the all-new Patch Management and Secure Web Gateway services.  If you want to see how easy it is to deploy these layered security solutions and how they can greatly improve protection and oversight for your business, stop by Booth #5771.  Demos at 10:30am & 2pm, each day at the Avast booth.

Avast Threat Intelligence Director, Michal Salat, will cover Predictions for the Biggest Security Threats in 2019.  He will lay out the very latest security threats and how Avast fights to protect against them. He will cover ever-evolving mobile and IoT malware and share useful tips on how users can secure their devices and protect their privacy online.  Predictions presentations at 12:30 & 4pm, each day at the Avast booth.

The risks are no different when it comes to smart homes, which continue to be a target for cyberattacks. Avast security researcher, Vladislav Iliushin, will demonstrate the risks by showing how a smart home gets invaded through a vulnerable security camera, sparking a chain of smart-device hacks. His talk will happen daily throughout the week at the Avast booth.  Demos at 5pm Monday and 11:30am & 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Avast booth.

Tips for a great RSA experience

  • Visit Avast on Monday night for a Pilsner.
  • Don’t forget your photo ID.
  • Follow Avast throughout the show on Twitter with #RSAC and #AvastRSAC.

See you in San Francisco!


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