How to tell if an Android App is safe to install

The Avast Guide to Android Apps Part 1: This guide teaches you how to identify malicious apps and keep them off your Android phone.

13 Sep 2018 min read

An Android flaw, “page-changing” malware, and more data breaches

The weekly roundup of security news this week includes vulnerabilities in Android, malware, and once again data breaches including the Huazhu hotel chain, Air Canada, and babysitter app Sitter.

31 Aug 2018 min read

Two big fakes & two big flaws

Phony profiles and websites are rampant in election season, and security flaws were found in Ghostscript and Apache Struts.

24 Aug 2018 min read

Fake app infects your Android with spyware

An ongoing Android malware campaign called Triout is recording calls, collecting photos, and reporting your location.

23 Aug 2018 min read

The Essential Guide for Mac Security

Learn about the built-in Mac security software you already have, as well as other helpful tips and tools to keep you safe online from viruses, ransomware, and other cyberthreats.

20 Aug 2018 min read

Foreshadow casts more shade on Intel

A new security flaw along the lines of Spectre and Meltdown has been discovered in Intel Core processors.

16 Aug 2018 min read

New Google software, new smartphone flaws, and the high cost of ransomware

Google releases Android 9 Pie, US Homeland Security finds flaws in millions of smartphones, and Atlanta taxpayers look at an expensive ransomware recovery.

10 Aug 2018 min read

TSMC shut down by WannaCry variant

Semiconductor giant TSMC was hit with a ransomware variant on Friday, but the company claims it was not a cyberattack.

7 Aug 2018 min read

A game that cryptojacks, a town under seige, and more data breaches

Steam game found to cryptomine, ransomware locks down an Alaskan city, and data breaches continue to spring up.

3 Aug 2018 min read

SamSam ransomware can shut your city down | Avast

SamSam cybercrime group evolves their ransomware while continuing to elude authorities.

3 Aug 2018 min read

Malvertising in plain sight

Security researchers discover malvertising scheme that takes advantage of legitimate online advertising.

31 Jul 2018 min read

Bluetooth flaw allows man-in-the-middle attacks

A newly-discovered vulnerability affecting all Bluetooth devices lets third parties hack into the connection.

26 Jul 2018 min read

Ransomware strain evolves, RATs cause mischief, and yet another data breach strikes

The Magniber strain is back stronger than ever, Ukraine suffers a RAT attack, and LabCorp is hit with possible breach.

20 Jul 2018 min read