A new malware, an old flaw, and social media as a weapon

Smoke Loader uses a new injection technique, Hamas uses social engineering on IDF, and a Facebook bug causes unblocking.

6 Jul 2018 min read

Celebrating 30 years of Avast

Born at the same time as the world wide web 30 years ago, Avast has enjoyed an action-packed and storied history.

28 Jun 2018 min read

Stay a Step Ahead of Today’s Bigger, Badder Cyberthreats

Choose your weapon: Staying ahead of the cyberthreats of today and tomorrow.

26 Jun 2018 min read

Three new threats at large and one thrown behind bars

SamSam ransomware, Mylobot malware, and a new Netflix phishing scam top today’s potential threats.

22 Jun 2018 min read

[UPDATED] Did you reboot your router yet? Make sure to do so and soon.

Many ignore everyday warnings, but this one from the FBI is one you should take seriously

18 Jun 2018 min read

Major Microsoft fixes and risky Android devices

Microsoft gives us an important Patch Tuesday, a crypto-heist affects Bitcoin value, and security experts find too many Android devices at risk.

15 Jun 2018 min read

Some got phished while booking, some got hacked while looking

Booking.com users get phished, MyHeritage gets mysteriously hacked, and Apple amps up cybersafety.

8 Jun 2018 min read

Fighting malware with machine learning

The evolution of Avast Evo-Gen: Using machine learning to protect hundreds of millions of users

4 Jun 2018 min read

Routers at risk, Canadian chaos, and a Hidden Cobra

The FBI chases down malware threats and Canada deals with its first major cyberattack on financial institutions.

1 Jun 2018 min read

5 malware attacks making the news

From hacking cars to cryptomining, botnets, social engineering, and phishing, the week was fraught with tales of cybercrime.

25 May 2018 min read

Android devices ship with pre-installed malware

Avast Threat Labs analyzed malware that has affected thousands of users around the world

24 May 2018 min read

5 tips for ultimate online security and privacy

Protect your privacy and stay secure online with these 5 cybersecurity tips.

21 May 2018 min read

Victory for net neutrality and trouble for Telegram Messenger

Net neutrality wins vote in Senate, Adobe and Windows flaws add to PDF exploit, and Telegram hit with malware.

18 May 2018 min read