Chronicle, a new Alphabet Company, partners with Avast

Ondrej Vlcek 4 Mar 2019

The power of joining forces to tackle the most difficult cybersecurity problems

Cybersecurity attacks are a major global challenge of our age. Because winning in cybersecurity means having more threat intelligence than your adversaries, it makes sense for security companies to work together to help solve the major security problems of today.

I am excited to announce we are doing just that.  Avast is partnering with Chronicle, an Alphabet company focused on cybersecurity and delivering an enterprise level analytics platform called Backstory. Avast, with the largest threat detection network in the world, is an inaugural Insight Partner, using its AI-driven threat intelligence to help protect against the biggest threats facing the enterprise through the Backstory platform.

Chronicle and Avast set up this partnership knowing it was a way to work across the consumer and enterprise threat landscape at a very large scale. Security is not a problem only one party can tackle alone.  Only with cooperation can we solve the big issues. We need powerful protection for the entire ecosystem – which requires scale and shared know-how.

“We are thrilled to have Avast as an inaugural Insight Partner at  the launch of Backstory” comments Chronicle CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Gillett. “Our new security and analytics platform is built with the ability to scale easily using the large amount of quality threat intelligence from Avast.”

Backstory is inspired by techniques and tools developed within Google to protect itself.  It integrates with VirusTotal as well as threat intelligence from a few key partners of which Avast is the largest.  We see this as a sea-change in how businesses can fight adversarial AI. With shared know-how, we can bring the strongest intelligence to the party, and win.

Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek is a recognized industry speaker who has led Avast’s transformation from a traditional PC antivirus vendor to the leading provider of a full portfolio of protection, privacy, and performance products. He executes on Avast’s vision to deliver people-centric security and spearheads the company's product innovation program for emerging consumer technology categories.

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