Encrypted browsers belong on every device

The amount of online threats lurking behind every click and tap has gotten out of hand

8 Apr 2020 min read

Ready for the holiday shopping season? Here's our guide to easy (and safe) online shopping

Protect your privacy and financial information with these online shopping tips and Avast Secure Browser

11 Oct 2019 min read

Avast Secure Browser – available for Mac

Our browser is now also available for Mac users in a version that blocks ads and protects against phishing

21 Aug 2019 min read

Avast Secure Browser boosts performance

Our new release saves memory, extends battery life, and automatically checks to see if your password has been stolen.

25 Jul 2019 min read

Closing the cybercrime superstore and more news of the week

Europol busts an international cyber syndicate; spyware infects WhatsApp; Forbes online subscribers get hacked; and Zombieload rises.

17 May 2019 min read

Hijacking the internet and more news of the week

DNS hijackers attempt to undermine the entire infrastructure of the internet… and that’s just one exploit by this week’s bad guys.

19 Apr 2019 min read

Surf the web more securely with the latest version of Avast Secure Browser, called Aspen.

Protect yourself with the latest anti-fingerprinting, webcam protection, and instant Hack Check features when you update Avast Secure Browser to version 73.0.

16 Apr 2019 min read

Get the best online privacy tools

Learn how VPN, secure browsers, and anti-tracking solutions protect you online.

30 Nov 2018 min read

How safe are browser extensions?

Which browser extensions can you trust? Secure Browser is here to help.

15 Nov 2018 min read

How private is private browsing? The Secret’s Out: Reports of the privacy of private browsing have been greatly exaggerated

Unless you take precautions, the secrets of your private browsing sessions are bound to be exposed.

31 Jul 2018 min read

Bank Mode protects you and your cash

Online banking is safe again when you use Bank Mode, available as part of Avast Secure Browser.

30 Jul 2018 min read

Do you expect more from your browser?

A survey of 10,000 people illustrates how Avast Secure Browser has everything you want and need in a web browser today.

2 Jul 2018 min read

Online shoppers and bankers, rejoice — Avast Secure Browser is here | Avast

Avast Secure Browser lets you bank and shop online with privacy.

6 Jun 2018 min read